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Author Topic: Near Death Experiance  (Read 6247 times)

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Near Death Experiance
« on: August 24, 2006, 11:04:44 AM »

 Dear L.Ray Smith,
I have found your site to be very enlightening. I also have had a near death experience. I can tell you to be sure there is another dimension and an existance after this one. I experienced the light that those who have had the experience. I also experienced blackness. I remember standing on the blackness that was around me and wondered where I was. When I say blackness, I mean I was standing on infinately nothing. The the light came, particals of bright luminous light. I could hear the doctors panicing and calling me back. I was gone for fifteen minutes. I have learned that time mean nothing. Time moves so fast that it seemed like only seconds or milliseconds, before I had to go back to my body. I don't except the science explaination for near death experience, clearly it is not a halucination. Death is like birth, we go on to another existance. I do believe in God, and I believe he has a purpose for me I am lucky to be alive. It is not nessasary for yo u to reply, but I just wanted to share this with you. I don't talk about it much because not everyone will believe.
Truly Yours,

Dear Judy:
Of course I do not believe that you ever left your hospital room. And you may have stopped breathing, but the cells of your whole body were still very much alive.  I have heard that there are litteraly thousands of these "NEAR-death" experiences. Why have we never heard of a "REAL death" experience?  Why do they all "come back" after minutes, rather than hours, days, or weeks. Now that would be an experience to tells us about, wouldn't it?  There was one instance of a person who was under ice in freezing water for a couple of hours, I believe, and was resusitated. But was that persons body totally dead? Where all the cells of his body dead?  Of course not. Long heart opperations can take many hours, but the only reason they can be resusitated again is because they keep the cells alive during the time that they are not breathing. When the cells of the body all die, the person is dead, and they ain't coming back until God resurre cts them from the dead.
God be with you,
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