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Dennis Vogel:
I suggest you watch this: https://youtu.be/vrv1_rOtlAQ

I have not watched all of it yet so there may be politics.

The author seems logical, but at the end you have to buy the book to learn what to do.
I understand that the economy may go badly for many of us, but I don't have enough reserve to
make a difference either way. I live on Soc Sec. and have my house paid for except for taxes and
insurance, so if Soc. Sec. is cut off I will be in the poor house.
If Medicare is cut off I will live only as long as God protects me.

Dennis Vogel:
You don't have to buy a book Bob. They told you - Buy gold or silver to protect your money.

I saw a video where they said SS will be reduced by 20% in about 10 years.

H Dennis,
Yeah I got that part, but if I have a few 1 oz. gold coins worth about $2000.00 each and they protect me from paper currency becoming worthless that's fine. So how does that help me to buy food or pay other expenses after the banks close due to insolvency and my bank card is cancelled.
Especially after the government checks stop coming and everybody knows it cause they are in the same trouble?
How does the store I buy from make change for a $2,000.00 coin? How would the average college graduate know what a particular gold coin was worth?
And once they learn that I have gold and the dollar is worthless, how do I protect myself from robbery?

I thing there is a lot more to this potential problem than most folks realize.

Donít forget humanism.  I would think thatís one of the things we come out of too.


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