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Dennis Vogel:
Let me add that my reply is not aimed at Shawn from Georgia but for all of us.

For anyone interested thereís an episode of Black Mirror all about a near future society that is governed by social credit.

Season 3 episode 1

Dennis Vogel:
I'm seeing more and more talk about the 'new' Bretton Woods' monetary system.

This two minute video explains - What is the "Bretton Woods" System:  https://youtu.be/-6bVeDab6UA

There is also a Documentary called ... Social Dilemma

My son recommended it to me. Iíve only watched the trailer yet but
I did read an article about it and the article contained the words behemoth
and leviathan . That caught my eye 👁 . Itís all about the tech giants.
The internet / social media.

The scripture ( out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,)  came to mind.
Also the book of James, taming the tongue.

Quote from Ray....And James informs us that no man can tame this little monster called the tongue.
For if he could, then he would be a perfect man, and able to bridle( to curb, conquer and control
the whole body.
And what is the solution to bridling the tongue which speaks for and in behalf of the deceitful heart?
Why to fight fire with fire.......etc.
I found this quote in Gehenna Fire Judgement PT D 4

In Christ

Mike Maloney is excellent at what he does in explaining what TPTB are doing economically and the great economic 'reset' that is about to happen as the whole world is now in debt beyond the ability to pay.  Dr. Chris Martenson is another great one with a YouTube channel on the economic aspects of what is going on and having a Phd in pathology he has been very valuable during this Covid mess in separating the wheat from the chaff as it were.


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