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letter from Ray


letter that I sent to Ray several years past.

It may indicate some misunderstanding on my part from that era.
If you note any such thing please comment.
Indiana Bob

= = =

Friend Ray,
Just read the article "The Beast Within us".
Very interesting and I'm testing the concept in my inner mind.
I will admit that it is a hard thing to adjust to after believing in a
human 'man of sin' occupying the physical temple.
I think your presentation is clear enough, but it is so complete
that an old man has difficulty putting everything in order.
I like to simplify in my own words so I test my knowledge by
writing letters to friends to explain what you show us in the Bible.
I don't always send the letters because upon editing them for
clarity and content, I get lost in the midst of the extensive details.
You write very well when compared to most other religious authors.
Can't think of an exception just now, but your material is not much
use to a back slider without God's spirit kicking them in the butt.
It's just too straight forward, clear and threatening to be easily
accepted by most;  [Maybe uncompromising is a better description.]
although I may be approaching the wrong group considering the
number of inquiries you receive each week.
Still waiting for your final chapter 16-D to be available.
Thank you for showing me my true self in the mirror of God's spirit.
I appreciate the thought of being called and chosen and am
better inspired now than before to place myself in God's hand.
Warm regards, Old Indiana Bob
= = =

Jan 2, 2007, 7:40 AM
to netdata, dennisv, gordon.wallis, me

Dear Old Indiana Bob:
Thank you for you email and comments. Who said you can't teach
an old dog new tricks?
Part 16-D is NOT, however, the "final chapter." This subject is huge,
and there will be many more chapters (God willing), for I too am getting
God be with you,

Shawn Fainn:
That's awesome Bob. It's an interesting thought to look back and see how far we all have progressed from way back until now. We're such a minority when it comes to our common BT held beliefs.


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