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I've had an infection for close to a year now, and it's turned into sepsis. I was rushed to the emergency room the other week due to an irregular and fast heart rate. I was supposed to be sent out on an medical evacuation flight, but I stubbornly refused as I didn't want to be alone due to the pandemic and all.

Basically, my body is starving for oxygen due to my blood turning toxic with bacteria. I'll be admitting myself to the hospital on Monday and would appreciate if anyone would say a little prayer for my family and I.

I'm not terribly scared, and I've already said my goodbyes to my family in my heart, so I'm as ready as I can ever be. I'm more worried for them, especially my youngest son Rick. I hate the thought of him looking for me when I'm gone and not understanding where I went as he is only 3.

I'm currently taking some fish amoxicillin that I purchased online, hopefully that will keep me going till I can get to the hospital. I'm actually feeling better after two days of taking the fish meds. :D

My biggest hurdle, as strange as this may sound, is just getting to the hospital, which is 700 miles away. I hate going out into public due to severe social anxiety. I want to get over this fear of crowds and people staring at me. Maybe if you could pray about that, that would be awesome.

May God be with you and your family Porter in these trying times.
Praying for you my brother.

We love you.
In Christ, Pamela

Dennis Vogel:
Absolutely will be praying for you Porter.

Hi Porter,

I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through but will definitely pray for you and your family.

Praying that all goes well and that you are on the mend Porter.



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