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The following short video is why I warn people not to get their news from the mainstream:


The vast majority have endured (are enduring) this for decades without their realization; straight out of Nazi Germany.

They will be brought down and exposed to the masses, like Oz behind the curtain.

The Evergreen company's container ship was no coincidence. (Is there a significance to that name?).

More "strange" stories forthcoming.

Dennis Vogel:
I've watched this for about 25 years. I still have a 10' satellite dish (but have not used it in years because of the Internet) and I would see subscription news services broadcast these talking points from satellites to local broadcast news around the US.

You cannot expect TV stations with a relatively small number of viewers to have their own reporters all over the world. They don't have that kind of money. So they use these services.

This is not a big deal.

As a friend of mine has stated:

Who is writing the script for those stations, and for what reason?

Dennis Vogel:
Associated Press, Reuters News Service, etc. are subscription service's.

The above write them for TV stations so they don't have to write the scripts themselves. The TV stations don't have the reporters, writers or producers to do it themselves.

"Reuters is a news agency that covers breaking news in markets, business, politics, entertainment and technology sectors.

Reuters's headquarters is in London, England. Reuters has a revenue of $339.9M, and 4,399 employees. Reuters's main competitors are WSJ, Associated Press and Aljazeera. As of February 2020, Reuters has 4.2M fans on Facebook and 18.6M followers on Twitter."


There is really nothing new here except the power of the press is more and more concentrated.  In the U.S. now 7 major corporations basically own the video, radio and print media.

A simple exercise that I have done with people in the past is to postulate that three different people are standing on a street corner and witness an accident.  These three different people are pretty much going to say the same thing but in different ways through their individual perspective.  They all saw the accident somewhat differently.

Now consider with the media we used to have three major networks of ABC, CBS and NBC and then CNN in 1980 made a forth.  Fast forward a few years and Fox came on the scene and many others.  Even sticking to the big 5 on any given story you will have at least 5 different anchors, each newscast has editors, producers, several on scene reporters, videographers, ect.  On any given story you should have slightly different takes on it with some differences as there are hundreds of people involved.

And yet, regardless of what channel you might watch, print media or radio station the talking points and 'spin' are almost identical.  Would be functionally impossible if every network and their people were independent and doing their own investigations and reporting.  Instead it's almost boilerplate with Fox being the outlier but they also being corporate media have their own issues as well as we've seen in the last several months.

Today more than ever it's imperative that 'His sheep hear His voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.'

A lot of strange voices today that do not speak the truth both secular and religious.


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