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This post is especially for those of you who have a Facebook account.

Much of the world is familiar with Tom Hanks, the actor. He has been in many successful movies. He also has a Facebook account and has posted there quite regularly.

Interestingly, his last post on his account was on May 22, 2020. He has been strangely silent for almost 11 months.

Strange, isn't it?    8)

The more you know...

Dave in Tenn:
Or maybe he grew weary of people including him in their BS theories.  Or maybe he never posted there at all and the page was run by his publicists.    Or maybe the entire premise is flawed. 

Or maybe he just lost interest or got busy.  Those are my personal excuses.

Do you think Holly-weird is just a slogan? It's a massive understatement of their EVIL...

Social media accounts are taken over via FISA court judges/warrants.

Mask mandates are starting to cease state by state.

The rubber masks come off when this movie ends. There are three things we are waiting on for this movie to end. The 25th amendment is one of them.

The rubber masks come off when this movie ends. Below is a demonstration of what will be seen globally:


Ok, Iíll bite .  What exactly do you think happened to Tom Hanks ? 

There are certainly theories regarding Tom Hanks if you look at the information available.  Connecting the dots in the rabbit hole and seeing him in that questionable video with that child, gets you asking questions for sure.


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