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My husband and I are selling our house ( closing in two weeks ) and moving to Texas to be closer to our younger daughter and her family. This is a big step for us but we just feel like this is what we should do.  At this time in our lives wed like to be closer to family and wed like to move before age makes it even harder.
The prayer request is in finding a new home on the other end.  We can afford much of what is offered where well be, but its still a hard decision and there is not a lot available.  Id appreciate your prayers for a good safe place to us to settle, where family will feel comfortable visiting, and where my husband is content.  And that I would make it through this process without too many tears or regret that weve leaving our friends and the life weve known.
Thank you all .

God Bless you and your family Octoberose. You are always exactly
where God places you.

In Christ

Hope all goes well with you on your move .I pray God will guide you in making on the right choices you are looking for .God bless all.   Wendy

Rhys 🕊:
Hope it all goes well, change is not easy and you are not alone in that.


Thank you for the prayers . It looks like were getting more in our house than I imagined !
Im a little nervous about weather we need this particular house but I decided that if God worked it out for us and my husband was happy , I would accept it . Now I have 5 weeks to finish getting our current home packed up .  Im glad were not any older than we are because this is a lot of work !
   Endings are bitter sweet, but I learned a long time ago that if I dont miss a place weve lived and the people there then it means nobody loved me and I didnt love anyone - so grieving lifes transitions isnt a bad thing . Its better to love and to give of yourself even when the goodbyes are painful  . I thought Id encourage anyone going through the same thing . 
Id appreciate youre continued prayers . ❤️


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