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The Passing of Jewel

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My mom Jewel,  passed away peacefully in her sleep Tuesday evening, the day after her 92nd Birthday. God was merciful as I knew he would be.

Something totally unexpected happened though,  she died with a smile on her face.  She had been talking about the river for two days. We didn't understand what she meant, but sensed it had something to do with the Lord.  Just before She passed she appeared to be asleep. She suddenly reached out to someone, with her arm extended out, with a look of pure peace and joy on her face. I will never forget that moment. I've heard of stories like this from others, but all I'm certain of, whatever she was experiencing there was a great deal of love involved.

After mom passed my sister said God had answered her only prayer.  I had been telling her for some time mom would have a loving and peaceful death. She wanted to know how I could be so certain. Honestly, I just knew, and on a personal level I can understand  how Abraham could be so trusting.  But you should know, I had to go through quiet a bit to get to that place of knowing. it didn't come easy. Everything has a purpose for good in the end, and that is a most comforting thing to know.

I have nothing to mourn because his will has been done. The only tears I've shed are tears of joy,  for the awesome wonder of our Lord,  and his great mercy in my life. I am forever humbled and grateful God gave me this wonderful experience of being with my sweet mama in her last years. It healed something deeply broken in me.


Hi Wanda,

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.


I love your mama’s name. It suited her well.
I feel like I knew her from our conversations
and she was very blessed to have you take care of her
during her last years and you were blessed to do so.

Our Lord God is good, praise be His holy name.
Jesus Christ , our Lord and Saviour.

May God be with you and your family Wanda.💕

In Christ, Pamela

My condolences Wanda; you were blessed to have been there with your mother.  In a way she also brought peace to you and your family with whatever she was experiencing.


Rhys 🕊:
Thanks for being so open to sharing. It helps me as my relationship with God still not so good after losing my wife and still with physical and mental difficulties. My attitude with God at the moment is more of, oh well your going to do your will anyway so just get on with it. It sounds a bit negative but at least I know He is still in control and the way the world seems to be going right now I am glad of that. I hope I feel more peace and accepting of what is meant to be in the future.



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