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I've had a few people refer me to listen to other speakers  saying that they sound the same as Ray but to me no one yet has been able to even come close to Ray's teachings .I'm not saying names dont wanna down anyone
..God bless all wendy

Hi Wendy,
There are some other teachers who can/may offer some helpful clarification but none that I have found with one or two exceptions goes into the detail that Ray did to cover all objections before I could even come up with a question or an objection. It seems that he anticipated critics and their questions very well.
I do follow an older fellows taped messages on a local TV station five days a week who has some true points, but mostly to catch him in error. It seems to help me to fine tune what I have been learning with L. Ray and to stimulate my mind to get into the Concordance to learn how words are used when translating from Hebrew to English and so forth.
Check me on this mods; that the Hebrew was rather limited in volume and there are many words that do not have a direct translation to English because in the original the hearer knew how to adapt to common vernacular expression of a thought.
For one example there are no vowels in Hebrew script and one has to enter an appropriate vowel in a word where a vowel point calls for it.

We can read the Bible and just trust that it is true in those areas that we have been given understanding and then just be satisfied that the areas where we do not as yet have understanding are not necessary for us to have understanding at this present time.

Consider all the clarification that Jesus provided to his disciples after they had been worshipping for centuries without knowing what he taughht them. Much of it was in the books of the law and the prophets and yet not comprehended until they had a competent teacher.

Indiana Bob

1Jn 2:27  But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

This scripture has become very relevant to me after Ray passed.  Too many folks run around looking for teachers but if we are one of his sheep and hearing his voice what need have we of teachers?  Especially when few to none are known.  I adored Ray but truth be told I learned nothing from him and neither has anyone else.  God quickened the teachings to our ears and opened our eyes to perceive and understand.  No man is able to do that.

Many years ago I stumbled across [or thought I did at the time] Ray's paper on tithing.  I was firmly in the church system and one of the primary teachings was tithing and I did so religiously.  But Ray totally exposed that and blew apart that false doctrine with his teaching and bookended it so that I simply couldn't argue with it even though I tried.

Several months later when I was bored one day I returned to the website and started to read the first section of the LOF series and within 10 minutes I thought Ray to be a heretic.  What do you mean there is no hell?  Jesus talked about it many times, etc.  I simply thought that even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then and relegated Ray to having one home run and striking out on everything else.  So I rejected what I was reading and went on my merry way.

Again, several months later God drew me back to the website and I started to read the LOF series and the scales fell off my eyes and then I started to listen to the various audio recordings that he did and the rest was history.  The material is out there and available on the website as is some of the tentmakers materials and some other people.  God will draw whom he will and open their eyes in his timing.  So God used Ray greatly but Ray really didn't teach me anything.  I don't look for teachers, pastors, evangelists or prophets etc that people in the church system seek.

God will get us all where we need to be and when we need to be there.  It would be great if God raises up another teacher like Ray and maybe someday he will or perhaps there are a few out there expounding on what Ray taught or even going far beyond what he taught.  I'm not aware of any but perhaps there are but I don't personally seek them out.  If we are hearing from the Shepherd as we are supposed to be it is enough.

Well stated arion and helpful.
It is always beneficial to expound upon the small help that we each offer.
I am always learning and appreciate the critique of a brother.

Thank you, Indiana Bob

I'm was wondering if there are any of Ray's notes or any other things he may of wrote available on the forum. In new to this and still getting use to using this sight . Thanks God bless all


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