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Dennis Vogel:
While looking for an old file I came across this very old bible-truths.com homepage. No more than a year old. Here is a picture of it.

BTW, Ray became disenamored of Eby not long after this time.

Dennis Vogel:
The WayBack Machine had an even earlier capture on July 20, 2001.

Thankyou Dennis,
Bible- truths is truly a miracle.  We are so blessed . I Thank God every day for
It. Thank you and all the mods for your hard work.

1 Corth. 2:9...But as it is written, what no eye has seen , nor ear heard,
nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.

And of course , those who are loving Him will include all humanity and all in the heavens.

Phil. 2:11,,, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord , to the glory
of God the Father.   Amen

Shawn Fainn:
Interesting. I actually like how the letters to Hagee and Kennedy had separate descriptive links for each section. Makes it easier to find specific subjects when scanning the home page.


Why were some of those articles that were on the first page removed?  Theology of Einstein, Time vs Eternity, etc?  Would be interesting to read if still available.  I'm guessing that Ray absorbed that material into the LOF series so they were redundant or Ray changed some of his viewpoints over time?


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