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Dennis Vogel:
I'm now 78. Last November I got covid and it was really bad and I thought if it gets even a little worse I'll die. I got over it but part of it hung around for about three more months.

About a month ago in the middle of September I caught it again but not quite as bad but it is still hanging around. This seemed to help yesterday: https://youtu.be/x_adWYnBnSo

About a week ago I strained myself way to hard (I know better) which created a blockage in my heart. I do this every three or four months but not as bad as this time and it always gets better in about six weeks. But this one does not seem to be getting better. If anything it's getting worse. This morning my blood pressure was 169 / 84 and that's about as high as it's ever been. I chewed a Niacin just now which went straight to my system and relaxed my arteries which allowed me to write this.

So I have covid making me very tired and heart problems making me weak, with minor chest pain and a little trouble breathing at times.

I am not going to go back into a hospital. They did great harm to the last time I went.

So I'm asking everyone to pray for me.

And please pray for my son Brian whose health is not very good either and my nine year old granddaughter who is healthy but has family problems which saddens her.

I just finished reading Judgement on the House of God and the many troubles we are
to go through, and although we know we must experience these trials , I think seeing
our children and grandchildren suffer hurts us more than our physical pain.
God blessed us this summer and brought our daughter and twin grandchildren to us
for five weeks. We had not seen them in three years but in order to have them we had
to get vaccinated. I had no qualms about that , I trust God in whatever He has willed for
Our daughter is now experiencing deep depression because of the threat of homelessness
and financial instability. We wanted her to stay here but her husband wonít move. He is
suffering also from depression.
Dennis , I will pray for Godís will to be done in your life and all our lives. Just like God
used Ray to teach us, He uses you to keep this website up and running and we are so
Blessed by it. I pray God will heal you Dennis, and I pray for the Elect and all on our forum.
We are indeed in need of Our Saviour.
As Paul always stated, ď Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ , Pamela 💕


Very sorry to hear Dennis and Pamela.  Prayers for all.  God tenderly comforts those who sincerely look for him. -2 Corinthians 1:3,4 

Pamela n Dennis ,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I pray God with be with you and your families during these troubled times .😇

               God bless

This website is a blessing im on it a few times aday .its got so much info on it to help in just about every situation .praise God for all you do in keeping it up n running .

God bless


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