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Hard times


Hello brothers n sisters,

These sure are difficult times we are living in thete seems to be trials in every area of life not only in our lives but our families.watching them stuggle with every stress is hard.i am so greatful for this forum its like my sanituary i come on few times aday to read emails or Rays teachings definitly gives strength when theres no where else to turn to .its such a wonderful feeling having Gods love in me i definilty would not be able to make it wihout it. Not sure what lies ahead but knowing God is in charge makes me worry less .such freedom with his way .
   God bless

Amen Wendy. In complete agreement.  Thank you for sharing. 

I know what you mean.  And I know there seems to be a limit about what can be discussed here but I think what is happening worldwide is very relevant biblically.  Every day, my head is thinking of where we will be 10 years from now; God and the wider picture.  Sadly, I see a bleak future but ultimately I know there is hope and that's ultimately what carries me through.  Remember, we have what most do not and that is the understanding that this is all for a purpose and that the end game is glorious.

Agree Zander,
One thing we can rely upon is the doors will be closed on all the present churches,
that along with Satan being restrained will allow for the truth to spread across the world for the first time.


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