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Bob's big adventure at emergency

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I hadn't been ill since this all began so ten days ago I got a cold, virus, and took meds that led to my bladder being unable to void urine. Went to emergency where they spent 4 hrs. in exam and inserting a cath in my penis to drain a quart of urine. Measured that with ultra sound like looking at a baby in the womb. smile
Didn't eat for three days prior to that so now I am even more skinny  ;)
lost about ten lbs of fat and been stuck in a chair or in the house until today when the cath was withdrawn by my Nurse. During treatment I had congestion, runny nose but no temperature, a cough and unable to sleep due to the coughing when I tried to breathe dry air and I had green drainage from sinus according to the doc.
Tested negative for covid and I have not been jabbed.
Feeling much better today and on the road to recovery. Am taking Amoxicillin and Flow max for the enlarged prostrate that led to the blockage.
Do you think that I was feeling a little arrogant for not being ill like others and that God gave me a lesson in humility?
Seems that way to me.
Thank you Father for a needed lesson.
Your beloved son Bob  :)

Hello Bob,

I pray the good Lord heals you.very humbiling story thanks for sharing praise God for all he does and shows us .
Praise  to God😍

God bless

Praise to God that it wasn't covid.  Praying also for other forum members who are dealing with this and their families.

Agreed Bob it does humble us as we don't  know when or what health issue might hit us and it seems to be more of us lately.  May God bless you with continued improvement.

PS:  Don't think it was arrogance...  maybe a little age related   ???;)


Glad your on the mend Bob.  I do a lot of nutritional supplements and exercise daily and am never sick....but I don't take that for granted.  There are people that do everything 'right' and get cancer or something and die young and those like my mother who did everything wrong with drinking, smoking and was a diabetic and not taking care of herself and she died at 92 years old. 

Every day I make a point in my prayers of thanking God for health and also telling him that I don't take it for granted as he can remove physical health at any point along the journey.

Speaking of a Cath as I had never been in the hospital before back in 2003 I did a kidney donation to my sister.  After waking up from the surgery they had a Foley catheter in me and they leave it in as most males can't pee for awhile after surgery like that.  I rang the nurse and wanted that catheter OUT!  They took it out and a few hours later I had to go to the bathroom and nothing happened.  After a few tries I had to admit defeat and push the button for the nurse. 

I explained to her what my problem is and she walked out of the room and then walked in with something that looked to me like a garden hose.  That darn thing was at least 18" long and I knew it was a mismatch.  I had no idea the male urethra was that long.  I didn't like the idea of being tubed while conscious but sure was glad for the relief.  And yeah, that was humbling as well.  Lost some dignity that day.   ;D

Thanks for the sympathy.
I also had to walk around Walmart with a quart bag hanging from my belt to shop for my wife.
Try explaining that to the store clerk.
Ha ha.
I'll be so happy to get my new "spirit body" that doesn't need to eat or drink.


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