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Asking for prayer, my physical health

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Greetings to all.
 I have had a time of it since before Thanksgiving.
Back in 1989 I had a stomach operation for Hiatal hernia.
 Evidentaly I have been having issues I knew nothing about for some time now.
I was told I have stage four cancer that has spread and is leaving me seriously weak.
 Please pray as you see fit.
In Jesus name.


Dennis Vogel:
So sorry Joel - I pray God heals you

Joel my brother , I will pray for you in the name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I came across these quotes from our forum from our awesome family members Joe and Arc.

Joe, “, Let him grow intimate with weakness, so the strength he gains won’t be hollow.”

Arc,,,, “ God is making us in His image through all this pain and suffering and everything.
             It all has a purpose whether we understand it at the time or not. It all has a purpose
             and it’s making us better and stronger for the end result.”

Gen.1:3 And God said” let there be light”

There is light for all of us . May God comfort us in our affliction as we walk in His light.💕

In Christ, Pamela

Hi Joel,

So sorry to hear.  You are in my prayers.  May Gods mercy and peace be with you.


Hi Joel,

So sorry to hear of your illness i pray God heals and gives you the strength to see you through.
God bless


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