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Please Pray for my Son Brian

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Dennis Vogel:
My son Brian has congestive heart failure and is living in and stuck in Payson, AZ. He is all alone and very sick with something. He's also is very cold and cannot get warm. He has only one person that could help him but she works thru the day.

I remember friend I grew up with who many years ago came home from kidney dialysis, sat down in his chair and said "I'm cold" and died the next minute.

Brian's been saying he's cold for the last few weeks. He cannot get warm.

Payson is at 5000 feet and his doctor told him he should not stay at that altitude. But he has to stay there to protect his daughter.

Please pray Brian gets better now! This ordeal over his daughter has been going on for almost five years. The amount of injustice is too much.

Praying Dennis


I will pray for Brian Dennis. So sad when our children suffer.

May God Be With You

In Christ , Pamela

We are with you Dennis.
It is good to share our needs.


Thanks for sharing. Praying Brian gets the help he needs for him and his daughter in AZ!



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