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Please Pray for my Son Brian

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Oh my, what a horrible situation your son is in Dennis. Man that's hard.  Praying with all my heart bro.   

Dennis Vogel:
Brian is still very sick. He has trouble breathing and is cold all the time. He's pretty much all alone in Payson.

He had an appointment last week with a heart doctor in Payson and as was on his way when they called and postponed his appointment until some time in March!

He ran out of his heart medicine some of which was high doses of potassium and magnesium oxide but he has managed with over-the-counter supplements. He figured the doctor would have given him something better at the appointment.

I panicked Wednesday night and ordered the supplements from the local Walmart Thursday but it takes them three days to deliver something unlike here in Mobile where you can get a delivery the same day.

But Walmart also lets you pickup items within hours but Brian was way too sick to drive. So I started calling anything that looked like a social service in Payson and got no-where (that type of service was not available at Uber). So I decided to call churches. The first guy I talked to at a church just hung-up on me mid-sentence. The next guy at the next church, a deacon named John got in his car and went to Walmart and picked-up the potassium and magnesium oxide which was waiting for him and delivered it to Brian. Brian said it's helped a tiny bit.

Brian's convinced all the MD's and specialist have long wait times because of COVID. He will not go to the hospital for a number of reasons one of which is hospitals get large amounts of money when a COVID patient dies.

I'm going to start calling heart specialist in Arizona a little later today when they open and then see if John can find someone at his church that will drive Brian to most likely Phoenix and wait then take him home.

Dennis Vogel:
FYI: I managed to get Brian an appointment next Monday. But he is very sick. Please continue to pray for him.

Glad you were able to get an appointment.   Yes of course.  Praying brother. 

Glad hell be getting the help he needs prayers for you Dennis and Brain  🙏🙏 God bless you both 😇


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