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Hello all. I was wondering how you are all doing.
Dennis , I was thinking about you and your son.
Are you getting stronger Dennis from your surgery?
How is your son doing.
Also Joel. Are you still receiving treatment?
And Wendy with your all your grandchildren, wow, you are blessed.
I pray and thank God for Bible truths and all of you who gather here.
We are very blessed even through tribulation, Our Lord sees us through.

Notice this scripture 1 Thes.4:15 & 16 from the Rapture paper, Ray explains
that it is not those who are merely alive at Christ’s coming that will be
snatched away with the raised dead ,but rather ,,, we,,, the living who
are SURVIVING. Surviving does not necessarily always carry the connotation
of just living beyond that of others in view, but also someone capable of
surviving changing conditions. Misfortune.

So I just want to remind us that

Isaiah 40:29-31…He gives power to the faint and to him has no might He gives

Phil.4:13…I can do all things through Him that strengthens me.

Hang in their and May God be with you all.
In Christ
Love Pamela

Dennis Vogel:
Brian is hanging in there but that's all.

I was getting better but I picked up something a little heavy and I'm sure it triggered a blockage but not a really bad one. I went to the hospital and after sitting there for 3.5 hours I asked how much longer and was told at least another two hours so I went home. That was about a month ago. I've learned that these blockages will go away in time, sometimes it takes months. So that's where I am now. But I cannot exert myself without causing some pain. But hopefully it will be gone in another month or two.

Sorry to learn about your hospital visit being disappointing.
Is there a problem with hospitals in your area?
I went to emergency a month ago and was taken right in to check my vitals and was there about 4 hours for testing before being released with medication and advice.

Thanks Pamela,and everyone,
Yes we are all the blessed that God is in our lives I couldn't make it without Him.my grandkids are great they bring alot of joy in my life and even though they are small I learn from then so much patients kindness joy and all the other fruits of the spirit. I never appreciated them or anything else as I do now was a tough road to get here but praise to the good Lord for getting me here.im so greatful for His mercy .and love
I pray for all of you daily for these are tough times and it's so easy to get off track .
God bless all


Good morning all,
I pray you are as well as can be seeing we are living in these trying times.

Dennis, I am so sad for you and anyone of us who have to see our children
and grandchildren go through sickness and pain. I think this is one of our
biggest tests . It cuts right to the heart. We would take their place if we could
in a heartbeat.
Our hospital here is the same Dennis, some people waiting for up to 14
hours. My husband walked out also after four hours. He suffers terribly .
He needs a new hip and knee and has so many other problems.
Everyone I know is either physically or emotionally sick. My brother had
the same surgery as you Dennis, a quadruple bypass and the day after his surgery
he was in the bathroom and his heart stopped and he fell and got a concussion.
They revived him and took him back to surgery and put in a pacemaker. He’s doing
well now but weak. He, his wife and only son all now have pacemakers.

My daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I really want them to move here but
it has not been God’s will . Maybe some day IDK.
But for sure in our new lives.😀

Wendy, do all your grandchildren live in the same town as you?
We were so happy last summer when our grandchildren visited.
They are 9 year old twins. Boy and girl.  We took them to walk
on the bottom of the ocean as we call it, when the tides go out
we walk on the wet squishy sand and explore shells and snails and
all the little sea creatures, anyway coming from a big city they were
overjoyed. My grandson and I were walking ahead of the rest and he
asked me, “ nanny, where did the earth come from” and I answered
“ God made it” to which then he asked me a question. He said, “ do
you know that He sacrificed His life for us without thinking twice?
I said “ yes I know “ and he just ran off, arms stretched out pretending he was flying.
My heart melted. I asked his mom where he learned this and she has no idea
as they are not believers. I told her it came from God cause everything comes from God.


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