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--- Quote from: brokenagain ---You're right about the origin of the word "hell," however, I think we have our concepts twisted up a bit here.  We're getting hung up on the word "hell."  I think it would help at this point to throw out the term altogether as it comes with a lot of baggage we do not need.  However, I will say that the appropriation of a pagan word to describe a Christian doctrine does not discount the doctrine.  The problem with the doctrine is not found in its name, but in its construction, and that is what we want to look at.
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I believe it is enough for me to completely discount the a doctrine that souls go to a place called hell where they are tormented. What it does not discount is God's judgement. That I would never discount. I do question the form his judgement comes it according to the doctrine of hell.

--- Quote ---Okay, so here we go.  I equate gehenna and the Lake of Fire.  It is doubtless that the image of the Lake of Fire is generated from Jesus' use of gehenna.  

Hades, you're right, is death, but not with a sense of finality.  Hades is the realm of death, or the realm of the dead.  It is the NT equivalent of Sheol.  In Hades all souls await their final judgment, this is what is meant in Revelation 20 when Hades "gives up its dead."  At that point souls either enter Heaven or are thrown into the Lake of Fire.
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The problem is with the literal interpretation of the Lake of Fire. The fire is spiritual, which I know you have heard before. According to 1 Corinthians 3, the fire tests our works. It does not burn us carnally.

Yeah torturing with real fire billions upon billions of boys, girls, men,women,pregnant women for all "eternity"   is what " glorifies " his god.

But NOT  the one True and Living God.

Certainly not. The Glory of God is in forgiving an enemy and blessing your cursers and not holding an offence and being long suffering and all that stuff.  :P  :D

God's glory is "Forgive them father for they know not what they do."

God's glory is the C-R-O-S-S

I think it is very hard for us as humans to have a real good grasp of the forgiving power of God. Not to say that we don't believe in His forgiveness because we do. Our minds are so finite and God is so big we can't even begin to imagine how big His arms of forgiveness are. For me, I am so glad His arms are big because they can wrap around all of us no matter where we are.

Why is this discussion even going on? Would we all be discussing tithing,that God would not save all?Would we be discussing the aperitions of Mary? Why would we undergo discussions of things that we come to know are lies. I thought this board is for those of like minds. Ive been to many churches where I would go and they try to change my mind the way I think and I would follow along, so why do we enguage in a conversation when one is trying to change the truthes to what God has shown us. I dont want to look back. Been there done that. This discussion will just lead to strife and contention. The discussion going on isnt really for edifying it is for one to try and change what we believe. Would Jesus listen to someone rambling on about this hell of torture. Would He let someone try to change his mind and listen to the lies that flow out of their lips.Have a good night I think I will turn on TBN and listen to them talk about the majority of humanity burning for all eternity begging for a drop of water.


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