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As long as no one preaches here im fine with that, personally

im confused??

brandon states:
:::But, I'm here in complete humility:::

so lets give the fellow the benifite of the doubt, restore him and go from there.

 if he brings strife then we can deal with it.


Cool, looks like we are all onboard.  

Rodger, I don't know exactly what you mean by "church rhetoric."  It seems to me, though, that we need to begin with a premise.

I will begin by stating my premise, based on my personal study of the Scripture and the context in which it was written.  That premise is that hell certainly exists and that it does not detract from the glory or mercy of God.  In fact, it further glorifies God.

I'm assuming that the premise of those generally in this forum is that hell is an evil doctrine that directly contradicts the gospel and more importantly, the glory and character of God.

Am I correct in that assumption?



--- Quote from: eutychus ---
--- Quote from: brokenagain ---I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be here.  I was banned.

But, I'm here in complete humility.  There was a desire amongst some of those whose posts I read recently to have an open, honest, non-heated conversation, and that is what I hope we can do; that is, if you're still interested.  

I'm sorry for not having replied to any of the previous posts below, and I'm truly sorry for my perceived arrogance - that was entirely unintentional.  

However, should we enter into a conversation, I would ask that we all lay some ground-rules from the beginning.

Should no one wish to talk, I will happily leave this forum of my own will.

--- End quote ---

from another thread.

greetings jerry.

hey if there is a hell as you see it , guess what!

Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

this is obviously not hell being cast into its self.

so where does that leave us??

--- End quote ---

Thank you for your assesment.  I think you might have a good starting point here.  Let's ask those others involved so that we may all agree on the starting point of the conversation.

What does everyone else think...is this a good starting point for conversation?


good for me bro.

 lets look into these things with maturity and the spirit of wisdom from our



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