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I appreciate your enthusiasm, but Dennis is right. The shroud is a fake. It is simply the crown jewel of the Babylonian Catholic church's endless parade of questionable relics.


For the record, I wrote to the organization who published the original article on the shroud, asking them for comment regarding the Reuters article from Dennis.

They directed me to a main website whereby I located a paper done by a forensic physician familiar with hematological events.

However, I will withhold publishing it, seeing that people have already made up their minds.

Interestingly though, one of the authors of that 2018 BPA skeptic paper (Luigi Garlaschelli) is a researcher who consistently brags that he is funded by an atheist group in Italy.

Hi Awesome,

I do not wish to seem argumentative or appear that I know better than anyone else.
So the following comment is just for comparison and to stimulate our thinking.
"atheist or people who seem not to believe in God are often more reasonable and logical than religious people.
At least they question what they are told by religious experts, pastors, theologist etc. while most "church" people just accept what ever they are taught and don't question or even check the scriptures. They seem to be saying "my minister is a kind and serving person and I trust him/her and they would never lie to me". That is how people get misled and that is why many thinking people do not believe in god, because they have never heard the truth.

Please take my comments with a grain of salt, I wish only to provoke thinking and deeper study.
Indiana Bob

Anjel Uriel:
When I first came out of the Catholic Church and started researching Protestantism (only lasted like 1 maybe 2 months before I discovered The Truth); that’s when I discovered The Shroud. I believed with certainty that it was authentic due to a video where a man spent around 1 to 2 hours explaining it, citing things like the blood, pollen found from plants in Jerusalem, etc. But, then I learned from God through Ray that “it is a shame for a man to have long hair” (1 Corinthians 11:14). Then, suddenly, I started to doubt the validity of The Shroud since it depicts a man with long hair and even though we know The Lord does not judge by appearance but by the condition of the heart (1 Samuel 16:7) and does not judge according to the flesh (John 8:15); nonetheless I don’t believe He has long hair or otherwise why would Paul condemn it? Wouldn’t that go directly against The Lord and by implication be accusing Him of something shameful?

 From what I know the only men that had long hair in Israel were Nazirites and we know Jesus wasn’t one due to the fact He drank wine and nazarites are not to drink it (Numbers 6:3). I’m not completely sure why men are not to have long hair but I believe is because long hair is supposed to be a covering for women and it’s for her glory (1 Corinthians 11:15), it’s the sign she’s under authority because of the angels (1 Corinthians 11:10). We men have the glory of being the head of the household (1 Corinthians 11:3) and therefore have the privilege and duty to represent Christ (1 Corinthians 11:7). A man having long hair would be trying to usurp and steal a gift God intended for women. Just as women are not to have authority over men (1 Timothy 2:12) since that’s the gift God gave to men. I’m not saying this as a teaching but what I gathered from Scriptures.

So, I don’t believe The Lord would have long hair and then inspire Paul to tells to have it short. Also long hair has the danger of looking feminine and we men must not be effeminate or we won’t inherit The Kingdom of Our Father (1 Corinthians 6:9) and we are to abstain from all appearances and forms of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22) so I don’t believe The Lord would have long hair for these reasons. Now, I’m not 100% ruling out the idea the Shroud could be real, who knows maybe we one day we find out that The Lord did have long hair and Paul was speaking in a way we right now don’t understand but I think we must be careful to not get divided over these things, we are admonished to love one another and keep united (Ephesians 4:2-3) and there’s already enough division among The World, the last thing we need is for us brothers and sisters to be divided over a relict.

There is a great desire to grasp onto something tangible... and I understand that. But quite frankly, I believe that Dennis destroyed the whole concept of the shroud with that single verse. Also, one only need to investigate the way the Jews of the day wore their hair and beards to see that this man of the shroud is not a Jew, but the usual incorrect depiction that we see even up to this day.
We live by faith not by objects, so I'm going to use sarcasm that I really don't mean to be offensive with but find necessary to drive home the point. If God needs relics to bolster our faith and provide tangible proof of His existence, then what are we doing on this site? Instead, we all need to become Catholics, because that is where the "proof" of the true church is: 

The Seamless Robe of Christ
The Holy Robe, Holy Tunic, Holy Coat of Thieves, and Holy Coat of TrierThe Holy Tunic of Christ is said to have been worn by Jesus during or shortly before his Crucifixion. It is preserved at the Cathedral of Trier in Germany. In the Gospel of John, the soldiers cast lots on who would receive the tunic because it was woven in one single piece. Hence the name, the Seamless Robe.

The Holy Lance
he Holy Lance (also known as the Spear of Destiny, Holy Spear, Lance of Longinus, Spear of Longinus or Spear of Christ) is the name given to the lance that pierced Jesus’ side as he hung on the cross in John’s account of the Crucifixion.

Crown of Thorns
Saint John tells that Roman soldiers mocked Christ and his Sovereignty by placing a thorny crown on his head (John 19:12). The crown housed in the Paris cathedral is a circle of canes bundled together and held by gold threads. The thorns were attached to this braided circle, which measures 21 centimeters in diameter. The thorns were divided up over the centuries by the Byzantine emperors and the Kings of France. There are seventy, all of the same type, which have been confirmed as the original thorns.

The True Cross
Pieces of the purported True Cross, including the half of the INRI inscription tablet, are preserved at the ancient basilica Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome. Very small pieces or particles of the True Cross are reportedly preserved in hundreds of other churches in Europe and inside crucifixes.

The Shroud of Turin
The Catholic Church has neither formally endorsed or rejected the shroud, but in 1958 Pope Pius XII approved of the image in association with the Roman Catholic devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

Iron Crown of Lombardy
It is kept in the Cathedral of Monza, in the suburbs of Milan. The Iron Crown is so called from a narrow band of iron about one centimeter (three-eighths of an inch) within it, said to be beaten out of one of the nails used at the crucifixion.

Veil of Veronica
The Veil of Veronica, which according to legend was used to wipe the sweat from Jesus’ brow as he carried the cross is also said to bear the likeness of the Face of Christ. Today, several images claim to be the Veil of Veronica. There is an image kept in Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome which purports to be the same Veronica as was revered in the Middle Ages.

The Mandylion
The Image of Edessa, as known as the Mandylion, was allegedly sent by Jesus himself to King Abgar V of Edessa to cure him of leprosy, with a letter declining an invitation to visit the king.

Here are another 165 "lesser" relics. The order of the numbers are mixed as I didn't feel it necessary to take the time.
1 Agnes of Rome 59 James the Great, Apostle 117 Nicholas of Myra (i.e., Santa Claus)
2 Alphonsis Liguori 60 James the Less, Apostle (12Ap) 118 Oliver Plunket
3 André Bessette of Montreal 61 Jane Frances de Chantal 119 Padre Pio
4 Andrew, Apostle (12Ap) 62 Januarius 120 Patrick
5 Angela Foligno 63 Jean Brébeuf (North American Martyr) 121 Paul, Apostle
6 Anna Maria Taigi (Bl.) 64 Jean de Lalande (North American Martyr) 122 Paul Miki
7 Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin 65 Jean-Théophane Vénard 123 Paul of the Cross
8 Anthony Padua 66 Jerome 124 Peregrine
9 Anthony the Abbott 67 Joan of Arc 125 Peter, Apostle
10 Apollonia 68 John, Apostle 126 Peter Chrysologus
11 Athanasius 69 John Berchmans 127 Peter Damian
12 Augustine 70 John Bosco 128 Philip, Apostle (12Ap)
13 Benedict 71 John Neumann 129 Philomena
14 Bartholomew, Apostle (12Ap) 72 John of the Cross 130 Pier Giorgio Frassati (Bl.)
15 Bartolo Longo (Bl.) 73 John Paul II (Pope) 131 Pius V (Pope)
16 Bernadette of Lourdes 74 John the Baptist 132 Pius X (Pope)
17 Bernard of Clairvaux 75 John Vianney (Cure D'Ars) 133 Polycarp
18 Blaise 76 John XXIII (Pope) 134 René Goupil (North American Martyr)
19 Carlo Acutis (Bl.) 77 Josaphata Hordashevska (Bl.) 135 Rose of Lima
20 Catherine Labouré 78 Josemaria Escriva 136 Rita of Cascia
21 Catherine of Siena 79 Joseph Cupertino 137 Sebastian
22 Cecilia 80 Joseph, Spouse of the Virgin Mary 138 Simon the Apostle (12Ap)
23 Charbel Makhlouf 81 Josaphat 139 Solanus Casey (Bl.)
24 Charles Borromeo 82 Josephine Bakita 140 Stanislaus Papczyński
25 Charles Garnier (North American Martyr) 83 Jude, Apostle 141 Stephen, King of Hungary
26 Charles Lwanga 84 Junipero Serra 142 Tarsykia Matskiv (Bl.)
27 Christina the Astonishing (Bl.) 85 Justin Martyr 143 Teresa of Avila
28 Clare of Assisi 86 Kateri Tekakwitha 144 Teresa of the Andes
29 Contardo Ferrini (Bl.) 87 Lawrence 145 Teresa of Calcutta, Mother
30 Cosmas 88 Lawrence of Brindisi 146 Thérèse of Lisieux
31 Crib of Our Lord 89 Leo the Great (Pope) 147 Thomas Beckett
32 Damian 90 Longinus 148 Thomas Aquinas
33 Damian of Molokai 91 Louis de Montfort 149 Thomas More
34 Dismas 92 Louis Martin (Father of St. Thérèse) 150 Thomas, Apostle (12Ap)
35 Dominic 93 Lucy 151 True Cross, Fragments of the
36 Dominic Savio 94 Luke the Evangelist 152 Unknown Bishop and Martyr
37 Dymphna 95 Malachy 153 Vincent de Paul
38 Edith Stein 96 Margaret Mary Alacoque 154 Zélie Guerin (Mother of St. Thérèse)
39 Elizabeth Ann Seton 97 Margaret of Castello (Bl.)
40 Faustina Kowalska 98 Margaret of Cortona
41 Frances Xavier Cabrini 99 Marguerite Bourgeoys The 11 Martyrs of Novogrudok:
42 Francis de Sales 100 Maria Goretti (all 11 Blesseds are contained in the same reliquary)
43 Francis of Assisi 101 Mark the Evangelist 155 Maria Stella (Bl.)
44 Francis Xavier 102 Martha 156 Anna Kukulowicz (Bl.)
45 Francis Xavier Seelos (Bl.) 103 Martin de Porres 157 Eleanor Juzwik (Bl.)
46 Gabriel Lalement (North American Martyr) 104 Martyrs of Gorkum 158 Eugenia Mackiewicz (Bl.)
47 Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother 105 Mary Magdalene 159 Helena Cierpka (Bl.)
48 Gemma Galgani 106 Mary of Jesus Crucified 160 Jadwiga Zak (Bl.)
49 Gerard Majella 107 Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd 161 Jozefa Chrobot (Bl.)
50 Gertrude the Great 108 Mary, Mother of God (portion of her Veil) 162 Julia Rapieg (Bl.)
51 Gianna Molla 109 Matthew, Apostle (12Ap) 163 Leokadia Matustzewska (Bl.)
52 Helen (Mother of Constantine) 110 Matthias, Apostle (12Ap) 164 Paulina Borowik (Bl.)
53 Holy Crown of Thorns, Fragment of the 111 Maurice the Legionary 165 Veronika Narmuntowicz (Bl.)
54 Holy Lance, Fragment of the 112 Maximilian Kolbe
55 Ignatius Loyola 113 Michael the Archangel (rock from apparition site)
56 Ignatius of Antioch 114 Michael J. McGivney (Bl.) LEGEND:
57 Irenaeus 115 Miriam Teresa Demjanovich (Bl.) Bl. = Blessed (i.e., not yet canonized)
58 James Kern 116 Monica 12Ap = This relic located in the reliquary containing the 12 Apostles and St. Paul.
Download the complete set of information cards (15 mb file): www.treasuresofthechurch.com/downloads 2



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