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I am unremarkable - or maybe not.

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When I read the testimonies of fellow christians, I often think I am not in any way remarkable.

God has never spoken to me.  I was not in a mess before I became a Christian.  My life has not magically transformed since I became a Christian.

On the other hand, I am quite robust in defending my faith.  I find it hard to avoid the conclusion that God has called me to defend His word.  For example, I have just sent a letter to my local newspaper in which I have argued in favour of a church school being built in a nearby town.

Does anyone have a similar testimony?

hi Caralis.....Same way, grew up average, no traumatic things happened, always felt I had a boring testimony. Actually, Ive had a very urnremarkable 57 years.

However, I do like to look back at my life to see how many prayers were answered and how the Lord has led me all these years.

When I read the testimonies and posts of the Godly saints on this forum, it just amazes me how they endured, persevered, survived and live to Praise God. I have indeed been blessed over the years and I need to learn not to whine and gripe over minor issues.

We are all unique unto Him tho...precious in His sight....so don't feel unremarkable!!

Welcome and God Bless.  Gena

Glad that you are on the forum. Do not feel bad not everyone here has gone through such severe trials. 

All of the parts of the Body of Christ are a little different . All parts have or will have to deal with tribulations.  It is not what has happensed to you it is what are God's plan for you. 

While some people may have had to live through black or grey times, when God shined his light on them they came running. In some ways it is more difficult for those who have been living in techni-colored world to see God's plan unless he helps them too.  Being comfortable and secure in yourself can be the most subtlest of deceptions. Letting go of everything and letting God reign in your life will bring tribultaions.

Keep studying the Word and enjoy reading commentary here on the forum and the teachings on the BT website.



You ARE remarkable, to God, and thats all that matters. We are like snowflakes, no two alike, but all beautiful in design.


I agree with Chuck...I think you are remarkable!  For you are one who has followed the Lord willingly, not having to go through much fire...I pray that your walk continues this way....the fire is no fun, spoken from experience having gone down to the pit with no where to go but up.  But in seeking Him I have been blessed. At times I had wondered whether I was following the Lord in faith with full surrender as He has given me so much, so many wonderful things have been happening to me, so many blessings....since that time the fires have not really been fires they are more like smoke in the eyes.  Perhaps because I have learned to smell the smoke and I am looking to "hear" Him and learning what it is He seeks to impart to me and thus the "fire" is no longer necessary or perhaps I have just grown in faith and the fires are just as hot, but I have allowed Him to put them out for me...anyway that is why I say you are remarkable.  I'm not sure, however, why you believe God has never spoken to you.  I'm certain He has even if it was not audible to the natural ear.  Welcome to the forum Caralis....I look forward to reading your thoughts.



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