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I am unremarkable - or maybe not.

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   You definitely are remarkable.  Each one of us is a unique, never before, never to be repeated combination of genetics and experience.  He made you for a purpose and everything that has happened in your life is according to His plan so you will be able to fulfill the role He designed you for.  It is not a matter of how many trials you go through or how "severe" they are.  Comparing yourself to others is a trap that can lead you to doubt a lot of things.  We are each on our own path although they are similar and lead us all to the same place.  Don't worry about comparing your walk to others.  He is leading you exactly where you should be.

Perhaps you are easier to teach than some of us..  ;)

Be at peace, and welcome to the forum.

Much love in Christ


Welcome Caralis,
Your post was something I could relate to.  I often wonder why my own "tribulations" do not seem so "bad" as the next guy's.  My only solace is that God knows what He's doing with each and every one of His children and where ever and when ever we need the fire, we can count on Him to apply it with love.  Blessings, Laura


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