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Italian Catholic festival

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Dennis Vogel:
If you catch this early in the day in the US you can see it live from Assisi Italy.

Notice the building with the pillars. It started out as a pagan temple but is now a Catholic church. It's over 2,000 years old!

Some of the processions seem pagan.


Anjel Uriel:
Thatís really interesting. A lot of people talk about paganism like itís a thing of the past and ended with the Romanís but itís still influencing culture to this day and has even infiltrated and corrupted the Church teachings of The True God. Honestly, after discovering The Truth, I feel like Iím in the matrix. Everything weíve been taught all our lives are lies and turns out the world is much darker than we knew. But, on the bright side, the destiny of mankind is a bright and glorious one after God has consumed all sin and evil.

Growing up in Newfoundland,I would always hear the older women talking about the old
hag in the church. I thought they were just gossiping as usual. It wasnít until I came to
BT that I learned they were talking about the Shiela- an-gigs.
They would say that if you have a nightmare, just say your name backwards and the
old hag would leave you alone. Oh my , they were so superstitious, but most Newfieís
came from Ireland so they brought all those beliefs with them.
I do not understand what people find beautiful about European Architecture, I think
itís hideous. Gargoyles, statues of little boys peeing, all naked statues with limbs missing,
etc. , etc, paganism everywhere.

Dave in Tenn:
To be fair, the limbs weren't missing when they carved them.

Thanks Dave. So I googled why the statues are missing limbs and got all sorts of
From M. Webster I got a definition of Iconolast,as image destroyer.

A question was asked , ď does iconoclasm exists today?
Answer,,, today it remains live in the National Museum of Iraq.
In many ways , the destruction of a statue mimicked attacks on real people
and this aspect of iconoclasm surely remains to the practice today.

Well we have all witnessed that eh?

So this word Iconoclasm led me to an article by Dr. Even Freeman, Khan Academy

Titled,,,, Byzantine Iconoclasm and the triumphant of Orthodoxy.

I will just write a little bit.

Icons (Greek for images) refers to the religious images of Byzantine , made from a variety of media
which depict holy figures and events.

Iconomachy ( Greek for image struggle) was the term the  Byzantine used to describe the
Iconoclasts Controversy.

Iconoclasts ( Greek for breakers of Images) refers to those who opposed icons.

Iconophiles ( Greek for lovers of images) also known as iconodules ( Greek for servants of images)
refers to those who supported the use of religious images.

Itís an eye opening article , at least for me. I have to read it again . I always have to read everything
again, and sometimes again,😁

Someone else on Google asked why Egyptian statues have no noses?
I remember Ray once saying something about Christians having the noses knocked off one of their
idols. I looked at this as a spiritual statement, a parable if you will, as the nose being representative
Of being haughty. Being wise in our own eyes , the belief of free Will, free choice , freedom
to be the master of our own destiny. Everyone today is shouting freedom .

Ray askedĒ What is more lawless than free - will?

I came across a you tube video by a James Jani, called The Dark World of Megachurches.

I saw what Ray taught us about them. Anyway, I hope this thread is ok to put on our site,
if not the mods can remove it.
I just thought this article to be interesting. I know that most of you here know lots more about
Christiandom than me but God is good and showing me things that I had no knowledge of.

Dave , what did you mean by your comment, the limbs werenít missing when they carved them ?
Is it compatible to this Iconoclasm Controversy?

God Bless You All


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