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I remember way back when~ when it was a controversy that a baker did not want to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. Maybe itís been 10 or 15 years since then and how far has the world gone.

It is mandatory that myself and almost every other person (in California) who has a job or who goes to a public school, take part in or in some way be involved in Pride Month. I know first hand only what I know first hand. That is that as part of my job, being in a corporate setting, is to facilitate and setup for all sorts of corporate special events including Ďpride monthí events .. man this all happened so fast. From one instance where a baker didnít want to bake a cake everything has escalated so so quickly.. to now itís pushed on kids in such an aggressive way. Is anyone seeing the amount of Ďdrag showsí that kids are being brought to by teachers and parents? This is what I donít know first hand. Iím only seeing it being reported so I donít know if the instances are few or many but it seems very common and trendy to combine drag shows and children.. I do have a preteen/teen daughter so I can say firsthand that culturally it is everywhere for teens.

It would be greater for that one to tie a millstone around his neck and be thrown into the sea than to cause a little one to stumble.

Sorry for venting

There is no need to apologize. We should be able to vent and lean on one another during difficult times such as these.   I have a daughter in that age bracket as well and what is happening with children today is quite troubling. It is one of the main reasons I chose to homeschool my child.  To answer your question, no, I haven't seen any of this drag nonsense first hand.  Only what I see on the various social media sites I visit. Sorry to hear about your predicament.  Must be tough being caught up in all that. I know a thing or two about it myself.  We are living in some very dark times my friend. Hang in there.

You're right that it's happened fast. According to Gallup, 70% of Americans approve of same-sex marriage. In 1996 it was 27%. And as I mentioned in an earlier thread, California (!) voted against same-sex marriage just 14 years ago. But this is good news. It must be as in the days of Lot when the Son of Man is revealed (Luke 17:26-30).

Despite those Gallup numbers, I am not convinced the country is as pro-perversion as we're led to believe. Maybe 5-7% of the country is "LGBT." So we have the 5-7 %, and their friends and family. I suspect the VAST majority of everyone else doesn't care at all about "pride," in the same way that most people wouldn't care if there was a month celebrating some other group that comprised 7% of Americans: quilters, perhaps, or trout fishermen. (Imagine calling someone a bigot for not wearing a ball of yarn on their work uniform to celebrate trout Quilting Month.) Many think homosexuality is fine, but don't need to see it shoved down our throats. Many others think it is sinful. However, most people just say they approve of it because they're scared. (That includes a large percentage of religious people; I heard a recent poll showed 40% of churchgoers approve of same-sex marriage.) The Gallup number was 55% pro same-sex marriage when Trump was elected. Has it really jumped 15% since then? Or have people noticed what's been happening to those who speak against the prevailing vision?

Seeing the behavior of some of these people is a good reminder of how amazing God's love is. He even loves the perverts.

Dennis Vogel:
Watch this 4 minute Fox News video:  https://youtu.be/Gx4dOxYdghQ  This country is going down the toilet.


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