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Hi all....was re reading some material on "they speak with forked tongue"...word of God burning old doctrines

There is one comparison I don't quite get "Do they believe that"... the end of the world [Gk:ion...age]" ends in Matt 24:3? Yes

But do they teach that this same "ion -- age" in Matt. 25:41 & 46 will also end? No"

So even though there is everlasting fire and everlasting punishment, is it still the end of the world/age?



Not sure if I understand all of your concern in this question, but for a start the word everlasting in Matthew should be "age lasting". So the life granted is for the next age when Christ is ruling and the duration is for that same age.
Those who are not included in the next age will miss seeing and living during that age, but will receive life in a later age since God will save all eventually.

see Greek translation below.
Mat 25:46  AndG2532 theseG3778 shall go awayG565 intoG1519 everlastingG166 punishment:G2851 butG1161 theG3588 righteousG1342 intoG1519 lifeG2222 eternal.G166 

You may also receive some understanding from this brief video on YouTube.

Thank you Bob for that video; it is a tremendous help in my understanding of that comparison.  :D



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