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All she ever wanted was to be loved

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Brothers and sisters ,
In a few of my posts over the years I have spoken of my baby sister Karen.
She has had a difficult life of polio, severe depression, suicidal thoughts and her two
children , a daughter who suffers from severe Chrohns disease and a learning disability
and a son who suffered from the same disease committed suicide two years ago.
On top of all that she has an abusive husband, not physically but emotionally and verbally.
He banned me from their home because he thinks I am a bad influence. For the past three years
my sister has been asking me questions about God. She told me she is craving to know.
She goes to bed and dreams about meeting her son in the resurrection and is so comforted by it.
Praise God. She does not blame God for her life situation or for taking her son. She said she
begs God to just show her why. She just wants to know why. Today I told her the story of Job.
My sister does not read books and has not opened a Bible yet, however , she is asking me
more and more. About three years ago I told her about Ray Smith and Bible- truths. She tried to
join but couldn’t, so she gave up. The same thing happened to me. I tried for a whole year before
I succeeded. Anyway, today she said to me, “ remember that man that you told me about who
died” I didn’t know at first who she was talking about and said “I know lots of men that died”.
She said “ no, the one who teaches about God”, I said, “ Ray” she said “ Ray Smith” I said yeah
why?” She said today I was doing the paperwork on my computer for the special olympics and when I got to the end of the page , there was this . Is Jesus God? L Ray Smith. She said it was in her
favourites, where she keeps her documents on special olympics and she didn’t put it there.
I said , well if you didn’t, God did. She asked how? I told her nothing is impossible with God.😃

My heart raced. Is this what I think it could be?  Is God dragging my sister to Jesus?
O dear Lord, I pray it is. I have been praying for it. Please , could you pray for my sister
also? Thank you so much.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen .   Pamela💕

Dennis Vogel:
I am praying for your sister Pamela.

There are people who have been sending us one hundred spam requests for membership every day thinking they are doing God's work. This makes it very hard to discover the genuine membership requests.

PM Rene and she will see to it your sister gets on this forum if she wants.

That's an amazing story Pamela I pray God opens her eyes to this amazing truth.He definitely works in mysterious ways .
God bless

Pamela, your post made me smile . I love the unexpected favor of God.  I’ll be praying for Karen that her eyes are opened and seeing gives her new peace.

Wow, that was some story Pamela.  It was quite sad but filled with a beautiful ray of hope.  I do pray he draws your sister Karen to him and heals her of her afflictions. Much love to you and your family.  Here's a BIG HUG.  God bless.


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