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An ancient evil rears itís head


Hello family, I hope and pray you are enduring this amazing journey.

I came across a news article In RT today. I thought it was
interesting and decided to share.

The Title is
In the Battle for the Global South, an ancient evil rears itís head.
By Dr. Mathew Maavak

I will give you the last paragraph.You can go to the beginning if it peaks your interest.

There are no historical precedents to the epoch we are entering. However there is a biblical
mention of an entity of poisonous fruits which Putin had referenced in his speech.
In the book of Revelations , this entity is called Mystery Babylon and it deceives all
nations through rapacious mercantilism,colonilism , slavery and deception.
As well as sorceries, which in the original Greek spells out pharmakia.
Now does that sound familiar?

End of article.

Dennis Vogel:
Vladimir Putin recently called the US Satan and he has a point.

We are mutilating preteen children with sex change operations. Allowing even a small number shows how evil we have become. Many if not most of these children end up killing themselves in time.

And what ever happened to all of Jeffrey Epstein's pictures and videos? The topic just faded away. IMO there are many pedophiles holding office in Washington, DC in both parties.

Putin says he does not want any of this 'woke' nonsense and other current US values in Russia. Once more he has a point, IMO.

Listen to the audio from EU Observer who are not friendly to Russia: https://euobserver.com/world/156188

I agree Dennis. I clicked on all the highlighted parts of that article
and read much about the British Empire, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,
And of course the US. And then on each article there were more highlights
to more information, some of which was Jeffery,Epsteins relationship with the royals.
Unreal, WOW .

I read Putins speech also. Very exposing to say the list.
However, we know that they are no better. Just wondering about this
Isaiah 46:11Ö calling a bird of prey from the east, the man of my council from a far country.
I have spoken and I will bring it to passÖÖÖÖ
In End time prophecy audio, Ray says this bird is an evil man.
And also could he , ( this bird) be the club in Gods hand that Ray spoke about in the Towers paper?

I follow the Christian Post just to decern whatís going on in America and yes it is santanic
IMHO but itís just as bad here . I have a lot in my mind but this one thing I want to discuss
because it envolves my son directly.
I also came across another article titled

Coronapsyschosis is a new threat.

Mental illness is rampant here in Canada now and many suicides.
My son is having suicidal thoughts and has been put off work, he has ballooned up
to 350 pounds and has maxed out his credit card etc, causing more anxiety.
Please pray for him, his name is Matthew. I have told him that only God can help him
but of course he doesnít believe that. It difficult to refrain from telling the truth
cause like Ray said ď they donít want to hear it and honestly, I have seen and heard hatred
against me for just mentioning God. Itís getting worse and I expected that,  it is harder with our own.

God Bless you all
In Christ, Pamela

Dennis Vogel:
Ray had ballooned up to about 350 lbs at one time. His doctor told him he had run-a-way diabetes.

One morning he called me and said he did not know what to do. He took extra insulin the night before and his sugar was still over 300 that morning!

He then got on the diet doctor Jimmy recommended which is now call a 'keto diet' (no sugar or carbs) and he lost all that weight in one year and his diabetes went away!


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