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Hello Family


Anjel Uriel:
Hey family, how youíve all been doing?

I know I havenít posted in a while and I even saw Wendy asking about me, donít worry Iím okay. The reason I havenít been as active here is because Iíve been dedicating myself to being more introspective, part of that has been praying that The Lord gives me the grace to overcome.

Iím happy to report that I have made tremendous progress. The temptations wouldnít even come for days and I didnít have to fight day and night with the devil and the flesh. However, I was spiritually assaulted for like a period of 48 hours where temptation was non stop and I sinned.

But, unlike other times, I didnít feel condemned or forsaken. Instead, I felt Godís compassion and since then I have been okay till this day. Not like other times where I got trapped into a vicious cycle of sin and grief. I trusted what you all told me and remembered all the love you all showed me when I was in distress and that helped me get through. (sorry for the sappy words but theyíre true).

Yesterday, I told my mom that I believed in universalism and she didnít take it so bad. Sheís a lukewarm christian so I expected that a bit.

Iím also planning to tell my grandmother, whoís a devout catholic, the reason being two-fold. First, she keeps inviting me to mass and instead of saying no, I just stay silent, which she takes it as no but I donít wanna be a coward anymore. Iím not ashamed of The Faith or Jesus Christ, but, Iím worried and dare I say afraid of how sheíll react. Not that sheíll do anything to me, but I fear she might think Iím lost and on my way to hell or that I fell into some cult.

Second, Iíve been dwelling more into eschatology due to how the world has become and I donít wanna get caught with my pants down when The Lord Jesus Returns. I donít want Him to return and I have a guilty conscience because I hid my faith in universalism. My family knows Iím Christian but not that I believe in the salvation of all so I want to be freed from all blood, because I did not shrink from declaring the whole Will of God (Acts Acts 20:26-27).

Not that Iíll try to evangelize them constantly and be obnoxious, but, I donít want any doubt of what I believe and after that, Iíll live my life as a testimony to them and speak if the opportunity arises like Peter told us (1 Peter 3:15).

Please pray that everything goes right and that The Lord gives me the strength to accomplish what I said here and be counted worthy (not that I can earn salvation) on that precious day.

Love you all and hope you all are doing well too.

Well stated Anjel,
Keep on doing your best and leave the worrying about it to our Lord Jesus.
He wrote the application that we live by and understands fully how difficult it is to cope with.
If it wasn't hard to do, everyone could do it.  ::)

Hi Anjel
Good to hear you doing alright.
It is definitely a daily struggle the overcoming of bad habits I pray that God gives you and everyone on here the strength to overcome it what ever struggles everyone is dealing with .
God bless


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