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Hi everyone.

I watched a couple of documentaries on burundi.sad how those poor people live.   They make a beer out of bananas which I thought was interesting. Pamela I noticed that about birds and insects to there's not as many around as there use to be hardly ever see a grasshopper sad must be the pesticide they use .
God bless

Yes Wendy it certainly is sad to see this level of poverty in the world, however
it is this world of this present evil that we must endure . God is making us have new hearts of flesh
from our old stony hearts. At least now we think about the situation of other humans .
Most people donít want to know, they bury their head in the sand. I was like that before
coming to BT. Thanks be to Our God for His grace and mercy.

ECCÖÖ.. There is a reason💕

Mormonism is uniquely American .  And then as all churches do they reach out to others and bring everyone they can from the whole world in .  My former neighbors were Mormons - the nicest family youíll ever meet .  Iíve never understood how they can be so sweet and have such a wacky religion. I never heard of Fifth Element - watching it now.
   Oh, Rays tithing article is what brought me to Bibletruths !  I was unhappy with someone at church saying tithes and offerings and I went to look it up and there it was .  You all know what happened next . You read and read and read and your life is changed in what seems like a blink of an eye . 

Uniquely American, I didnít know that. Wow. 🤔.
I have seen a couple of videos of what they are doing.
They are building 21 new temples across the world.
Four in Mexico, one more in America, one in South Korea,
and surprisingly ( not really) one in Italy, and other places.
They visited the pope for the first time ever to show
him the model.

Are Mormons Christian?

They consider themselves Christian.  The vast majority of Christendom does not consider them to be because they donít believe in the Bible only and they donít have the same beliefs in who Jesus Christ is.  If you remember in 2012 in the U.S, Mitt Romney ran for president and a lot of Christians would not vote for him because he is Mormon.  Oddly enough they thought maybe the other guy was a Christian.  We have wacky beliefs. We can talk ourselves into almost anything.  Iím including me in that but I sure hope I am wiser now.


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