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So, I took my blood pressure today .  It can run high, but Iím not medicated for it.  It was very high today. Iím doing everything I know to do to help lessen it. I canít get into the doctors for a couple of weeks, and Iím not looking forward to medication.  I donít have any obvious symptoms. I guess Iím asking for prayer, healing , and advice if you have tried anything alternatively to lessen your blood pressure. Thank you for any help and all prayers.

There are many natural things you can do to lower your blood pressure, but I don't know of anything that works super fast. If it's really high, perhaps calling an ambulance is the best choice.  I do not like medication either, but in a potential emergency situation like this, it might be the best option. 

I found the following video.  I can't vouch for these techniques , but folks in the comments section said it worked.


I don't no of any home remedies for high blood pressure
I pray it goes down for you 🙏
God bless

Hi OctoberRose,

I have come to really trust Dr. Eric Berg's medical opinion, I think he knows what he's talking about and has thoroughly researched his subject.
But, we all are human and he makes mistakes too.  But, here's a link.  Apparently, high blood pressure is insulin related.
I hope this helps you.  It seems that Intermittent Fasting and the keto diet is a very good help to stave off or cure.




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