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12 or 13 apostles and their thrones


In Matt 19:27 Jesus tells the apostles that they will have responsibilities in the Kingdom that includes offices of authority over the tribes of Israel.
Question: Since one of the tribes was divided into two others Ephraim and Manasseh won't there be 13 tribes and did Ray Smith teach on that aspect of the future Kingdom on earth?

This had peaked my interest also years ago; at one time I had read in OT where the 12 tribes were listed differently after Joseph's portion was split; can't remember which tribe was dropped. 

I Goggled and found this site which was lenthy and a bit confusing but will reread again paying more attention "overviewbible.com/12-tribes/isreal"

You are a very knowlegable and methodical thinker...would like to know what you make of this i.e does it explain or answer your question?

 Diane   ??? ???

Friend honeylamb56,

Thanks for your interest and the added information from the blog.
I read the info you mentioned and found it accurate and helpful,
but in order to refrain from teaching on the forum it may be better to
discuss the author's information in a PM or private email.
Indiana Bob

I believe Dan is missing.

Hope this helps.

In Christ Pamela


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