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Anjel Uriel:

Hey BT family. Iíve been gone for months but itís because Iíve been on a spiritual journey. You all know that I learned The Truth recently, 1 year and 5 months ago if Iím not mistaken. Well, ever since I discovered it, God gave me a desire to one day teach however 3 things deterred me.

1. I only recently learned what I know. I believe God has revealed tons of stuff to me from what youíve all seen of my posts and other members know from our private discussions because I donít want to breach the no teaching rule here. However, itís not even been 2 years so despite my understanding, I donít believe I possess enough wisdom to teach.

2. Iím currently only 21 years old and while that might not seem important, I donít think it will send the best image for a 21 year old to be lecturing heretics who have adult grandkids. I believe from what Iíve been shown and been told by the forum members, that I understand more things about God than most of Christendom. Yet, it has all been freely gifted from above so how can I boast of something that didnít originate from me? Iím just a sinner who God chose before the foundation of the world to reveal Himself alongside His Son, before I did anything, so I didnít earn it, itís pure Grace. However, this point is more subjective and based on emotionalism.

3. I donít think I have the character to be leading and teaching. You all know how much I have struggled with certain sins and I donít think I can be leading people until I have victory over them. Now, I know I will never be sinless or perfect in this life. Despite that, I do think that I should have victory over my biggest stumbling blocks before I teach people how to overcome them. When Iím more mature then Iíll start teaching, however like everything, that victory over sin will not be mine but Christís through and in me. For apart from Him I can do nothing, as He has shown me.

Well, Iíve been working on those 3 things lately (except number 2 cause I canít make myself age) and one of my stumbling blocks was who Christ is. I know He is The Messiah/Christ, King of Kings, The Lord, The Son of Man and The Son of God. However, that last title is what itís been giving me trouble. Is Jesus the literal Son of God? That might seem strange but you have to remember that while Babylon says ďYes He is the literal Son of GodĒ, they then turn around and say ďBy the way, He is not subject to The Father and He is also co-eternalĒ. Thatís what stump me, how can a son not be subject to his father and also the same age? Theyíre not Father and Son then but twin brothers. The reason was that as someone put it ďeither Jesus is God and that means He is uncreated or Heís created and not GodĒ. Well that doesnít make sense because if He is uncreated then why is He subservient and dependent on The Father? To the point of Him saying ďMy Father is greater than MeĒ and point blank saying to The Father ďYou are The Only True GodĒ. So He canít be eternal because He also died. If Heís the Eternal God, then that means He ceased to be eternal for 3 days. He lost his Eternality. 

However, I also believe The Son is God because of statements like Hebrews where The Father says to The Son ďYour throne O GodĒ, John saying ďGod was The WordĒ and Thomas saying ďMy Lord and My GodĒ and Jesus blessing him.

I basically arrived at the previous conclusion after consuming lots of Trinitarian, Binitarian, Unitarian and Arian content the following basic statement and please give me some leeway on the teaching rule for once.

Jesus is The Literal Son of God. The Firstborn of creation in both senses, order and preeminence. The Father made The Son a perfect copy of Himself by taking from Himself and fashioning it into The Son. This happened before the world or ages were made. The Son is God but not The Most High God because He still has a God and thatís The Father. The Son is God because He shares in everything The Father is because The Father gave Him all things. However, The Father is The Only True God because He is the only uncreated with no one above Him. The Father and Son are One in Spirit, The Holy Spirit. Yet, their still two distinct individuals. Paul said that The Father is The One God in 1 Corinthians 8:6 because The Father is The Supreme Being yet John can also call Jesus God because He is The Sovereign of all that has been created. And that doesnít mean that thereís 2 Gods because they are one in spirit and at the end of the day, The Father is The One True God. In the most simple sentence: Jesus is God and our God but He isnít The God nor a god.

I just cannot see a way in which Jesus Christ can be The Eternal God and at the same time be subject to another, be changed into a human and die, ceasing to be eternal for 3 days, be The Son of a being who has the same lifespan as He and finally, having to depend on another for everything, not only now but forever.  However, it makes more sense if The Eternal Being reproduced Himself by making an identical copy of Himself, due to coming out of Him being His literal Son and this Son being made heir of everything, including divinity and Godhood, yet because He was created, He will always be subject and faithful to His Creator. He is able to be changed and emptied Himself of His privileges, died and was resurrected back to His prior glory.

Tell me what you all think. Iím eager to read your responses

Too much readingÖÖ..but hello anyway

Dennis Vogel:
It's good you believe you don't have enough wisdom to teach. At 21 years old you have a long ways to go.

1Pe 3:15  But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

So don't teach unless you are asked.

Here are some videos that should answer your questions about Jesus:





Just let God work on you and donít bother with it.  If God raises you up to teach at some point that is up to him.  To Ďtryí to help God in this or to find a way to make it work will lead you to frustration and down a rabbit hole.  Iím over 60 years old now and if I could do one thing over it would be not wasting time and effort trying (in my flesh) to help God along in what I thought he wanted me to do.

If God had given me what I was sure he wanted me to have around your age it would of brought tragedy to others and I probably would of ended up in prison.  If God placeís roadblocks in your way sometimes itís wisdom not to try to find a way around them.

Good advice Arion,
Two years ago Anjel knew only little of what he now believes and is beginning to understand.
The difference from then to now is a great deal of information and some degree of true understanding.
However, the difference from today until ten years from now will be so much greater as to not even be worth comparing.
Patience, patience and more of the same.
The task of a young person is to study and learn, there is time enough to become qualified to teach after a person has lived long enough to have made a life time of mistakes. We are here on this earth to make mistakes and to regret them and thereby to gain wisdom.
God gave Solomon wisdom as a miraculous gift in order that Solomon could serve God in a greater way. Please note that Solomon was also given the gift of humility which served him well for a time.

Humility teaches us that everyone around us will learn what God desires for them to learn all in God's good time. We should not presume to give our friends a head start on God's time table, that would be false pride and not helpful.

Isn't that what the world's churches do and teach? That we must join them without delay before it is too late?
With God it is never too late.  :)



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