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Dave in Tenn:
I live in small town west Tennessee.  I know almost nobody, but people are friendly enough.  If I was more active in the community, I'd know more people, but I didn't so much choose to live here as felt driven by circumstance.  If that looks like an option, I might could advise you more specifically.  I could use a neighbor.  :)

I'd agree with Bob that the more small town and rural areas of many areas are "decent", whatever your definition--midwest and south.  Throw a dart at a map.  :)   

I have loose plans and hopes to move abroad when it makes sense to do so.  My top candidates are Costa Rica and Thailand.  I've researched both and have experience of both and haven't made up my mind.  Not even sure if it's going to happen.     

Took a road trip with my wife almost a year ago to see what some other places were like and if we could imagine ourselves making a life somewhere else. Weve both lived in the Bay Area Ca our whole lives and know nothing else. But we want outta here. Only had about a week and a half of vacation time to check out new places so we drove through Arizona, New Mexico and then spent about a week in north Texas.

You said youre looking for kind peaceful people and all I can offer is that the brief time we were in Texas people just felt more respectful and better manners than in California. I dont think Id ever been called sir before going to Texas. Its peaked my interest in some of the other south/mid west areas.

We are in North Texas, two hours from Dallas.  I would not choose Dallas, or San Antonio or Houston or Austin, But being in driving distance of those locations for medical needs or sight seeing or shopping is nice.  We use to be in Colorado , it is. Beautiful, it is expensive, and the politics is concerning.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is nice.

Octoberose that is good to hear, Oklahoma City is one of the top 3 places weve had our eye on. Ive  heard good things as far as the culture being more friendly and kind in general. I suppose being the Bible Belt has a positive as well as some negative influence on the culture.. I feel the same as you as far as wanting to be close enough to the amenities such as hospitals but wanting to be outside of the big city politics.

I wish we had more time to spend in Texas. It was a quick trip, too short to really be able to take it in, we stayed in Amarillo for a night and ate at The Big Texan. Went down to Fort Worth for a couple days and stayed in Abilene and then in Lubbock on the way back. Funny though we spoke with a gentleman while walking around the stock yards and he also cautioned against Dallas lol.

Lareli, are there storms where you live in California.?


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