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--- Quote from: Musterseed on January 11, 2023, 01:57:49 PM ---Lareli, are there storms where you live in California.?

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Not typically but at the moment yes, I live in Santa Cruz and thereís been some flooding and the highways are a mess. The beaches are all taking a pounding.

But this is extremely uncommon and the weather is usually very mild year round. Nothing compared to the mid-west or southern states. If we were to leave for any other state I know the weather is going to be something weíll have to adjust to. Just the few days we spent in Texas I saw it rain harder than I have ever seen with thunder and lightning. Thunder/lightning is not common where I liveÖ neither is high wind.

Happy to hear you are ok Lareli.
Iím seeing these storms on TV in California and it looks devastating.
Wherever you go Lareli, will be Godís  will for you. May He Bless you abundantly.

In Christ , Pamela


--- Quote from: lareli on January 11, 2023, 12:13:19 PM ---Octoberose that is good to hear, Oklahoma City is one of the top 3 places weíve had our eye on. Iíve  heard good things as far as the culture being more friendly and kind in general. I suppose being the Bible Belt has a positive as well as some negative influence on the culture.. I feel the same as you as far as wanting to be close enough to the amenities such as hospitals but wanting to be outside of the big city politics.

I wish we had more time to spend in Texas. It was a quick trip, too short to really be able to take it in, we stayed in Amarillo for a night and ate at The Big Texan. Went down to Fort Worth for a couple days and stayed in Abilene and then in Lubbock on the way back. Funny though we spoke with a gentleman while walking around the stock yards and he also cautioned against Dallas lol.

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Well, if you end up anywhere around here I will come visit you!  I donít really think theresí much of a Bible Belt left. I like Abilene- our daughters graduated from college there.   If you really do end up thinking youíll move nearby you should PM me and Iíll try and help with scoping things out!  Of course right now Iím dealing with a broken L2 but Iím hoping Iíll recover.


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