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Yaíll , I broke my back .  I fell off a step stool two nights ago .  Just found out and Iím stunned and upset .  I can walk but Iím in pain .  I donít know what treatment will look like yet because I need an mRI .  Iím scared and Iím so upset because we were going to take care of our grandchildren for over a week . Please pray with me .

That sounds terrible, octorberose. Praying for an amicable outcome!

Do you not get to see your grandchildren much? I haven't seen my granddaughter in almost a year because they live so far away. I miss her dearly.

Oh man, that's horrible.  :(  Of course I will pray with you. 

Dennis Vogel:
No more ladders, step stools, etc. from now on. After a while we're too old for that.

I have a friend who has fallen twice and the last time he was on a ladder against a pole and and fell about 11 feet which put him in the hospital for three months. He died in the hospital a few weeks ago at 67 years old.

I've been cleaning the roof of my house three times a year for the last 30 years. The last time, about a year ago, I was a little shaky getting back down on the ladder and said to myself that's the last time.

When we get older we can get in a state of denial about our age (pride of life?). I pray you get better. Please let us know what they say.

Well, at 66 I thought a step stool to dust a shelf was not a risky move! I just hopped up on it and wasnít careful and it slid.    I have three grandchildren near me and two that are in a different state - and those are the two I canít go fly to see now.   


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