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Dennis Vogel:

--- Quote from: octoberose on January 05, 2023, 11:13:27 AM ---Well, at 66 I thought a step stool to dust a shelf was not a risky move! I just hopped up on it and wasnít careful and it slid.    I have three grandchildren near me and two that are in a different state - and those are the two I canít go fly to see now.

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry I overreacted - But I'm still mad at my now dead friend. What was he thinking?

Your experience may make you extra careful next time you're on the step stool? When we get really old falls can result in a broken hip that many times result in death from being in traction for several months.

Will keep you in my prayers...my godmother broke her back sledding so I have an idea of what you will be facing; she made a good recovery but dont know how she did doing daily activies or what pain she may have lived with; she was always cheerful so hope you remain optomistic

This is daunting for sure . Iím moving very slowly - getting out of bed hurts .  But I can take a shower and sit in the  living room .  But , gratefully I am lying in bed right now without much pain .  And yes , I have pain meds. Iím praying I walk through this in faith , be a cooperative patient , and doing what I need to heal .Iím grateful for this community to help me with your prayers .

Dave in Tenn:
Obviously, the easier you take it the more quickly things can knit back together.  Are the grandkids old enough to more or less fend for themselves?  Might still turn into a lovely visit...I don't know. 

Well, they donít want me in a plane.   And Iím waiting for the MRI and neurosurgeon so canít really leave.    Iím at a disadvantaged being in a town Iíve only lived in for a year and a half but I have friends here already who can help in the neurosurgeon search.  In a way I might be better today then yesterday so thatís interesting.    Doing everything I can to keep inflammation now.


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