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No Way Out

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Hey all, I hate to keep asking for prayers, and I feel as though I should be taking it “like a man” or whatever. Yet, here I am.

I got sent to the emergency room again the other day for an afib attack. I was sleeping when I felt my heart going out of whack, so when I got up, I began hyperventilating or was short of breath. Told my wife to call the ambulance, and they ended up sending me out on a Med-Evac plane to go to the hospital.

I've known for over a year that I have Graves Disease which causes Hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism can have negative effects on the bodily organs if not kept under control. Not to mention, it causes a lot of anxiety and mood swings. The overproduction of certain hormones are no joke.

 I stopped taking my anti-thyroid meds almost a year ago due to the side effects. After speaking with the doctor, I now fully understand I could die if this is left untreated. So now I'm back on the anti-thyroid meds (surprise!) and I have elected to undergo ablation of the thyroid through the use of “nuclear medicine”.

Part of the reason for making this post is to express the extreme anxiety I feel when my thyroid is going nuts. It's a proper thyroid storm when my heart is involved. I hate it because I can't control it. After a few weeks, the anti-thyroid meds will kick in and bring the hormones down to a safer level. The catch is the nearly intolerable pain that comes with the meds. Then again, I'm a bit of a wimp. Which is why I want them to shrink my thyroid.

I'll be ok, no matter what happens. I just want you all to know that you'll be ok too. Not only that, but I think of you all constantly, and you're always in my prayers. 

Hi Porter

I pray that the good Lord helps you through this and helps you to feel better soon I too have thyroid trouble and it can cause a lot of problems in your body anxiety is one of them I also get heart palpitations too and that's no fun I've been to the ER a couple times because of them I've had my heart checked and there's nothing wrong it's just the thyroid causing it when my dose isn't right it definitely messes with mood swings too definitely hard to deal with sometimes don't ever stop asking for prayers there's nothing wrong with that everyone needs God's help one time or another in their life if not every day so don't be afraid to ask when you need help that's why we're here to pray for each other and give each other encouragement and strength Godbless

I had thyroid cancer 8 years ago. I had my whole thyroid removed . They wanted me to see an endocrinologist but I said I wanted to see my health care provider. For the next 5 years I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster . I understand the mental distress,  it's horrible.  I was on a web site called team care it's for thyroid cancer and other thyroid conditions they kept saying to go to a good endocrinologist.  I did pray alot about that and ended up going to one. For the last 2 year I've been stable with my thyroid levels and I'm not on that emotional rollercoaster.
Diet is really important also. I would incourage you to look into the carnivore diet on YouTube. I've listened to people's story's on how their thyroid disease went into remission .

I hope this helps , I understand the struggle. We're all on a journey with God and everything works together for the good for those in Christ Jesus.

Never feel bad about asking for prayer; that is why we are here.  :)

without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day 2 Tim. 1:3

Praying for you Porter. Yes God puts us in a spiritual pressure cooker sometimes
extreme hardship and pain. I am a wimp too Porter, when it comes to physical
pain. It seems that most of my tests and trials come from intense grieving for
family and friends who have either died or are suffering through horrendous disease
both physically and mentally.
I know I will suffer physically as I get older. I can already feel that something is
going on . I just hope and pray, and pray and pray that God will see me through.
My husband is going for hip replacement on Thursday, he’s been suffering for three and a half
years and low and behold , the cataract lens in my eye dislodged and I may need surgery asap.
I am my husband’s only caregiver, no family here or friends to stay with him so I am hoping to
not have to have surgery right away. It’s ok if I lose one eye , I still have another one.😁

Hang in there Porter . God says “ Fear not for I am with you”.
Think about this,,,,, “ Well done good servant “.
God Bless You and all our BT family.


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