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No Way Out

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Dennis Vogel:
Also praying for you Porter.

Thank you all, I do appreciate it a lot.

Oh Porter, its awful to feel like that, and I will pray for God to give you peace and the doctors to treat you appropriately. 

Thank you, octoberose.

Wendy, I know exactly what you mean by the heart palpitations. They are scary because every so often when I get those, they will lead into an afib attack. Try humming next time you get palpitations. There is some scientific evidence to show that humming helps in reliving stress and anxiety and can bring down your blood pressure.

Aubrey, I'm pleased to hear you are doing better now. I, too, am slowly beginning to change my diet. I never used to take a good diet seriously until I couldn't eat whatever I wanted without my thyroids freaking out.

Pamela, I with you there. It makes me glad that God has revealed to you the things He is doing. ;) That goes for everyone here in the forums, and everyone out there that understands that God is for you.


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