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Pamela sorry to hear of your troubles I pray that God comforts you and your husband.
God bless

Pamela, sorry to hear of these troubles.  We can control how we react to them.  Think positive things.  Just keep doing the next thing.  I too pray that God would comfort you and Charles during this very difficult time. -Jason

Pamela I am so grateful heís home and now recovery .   I canít think of anyone less Ďratchetedí  Ď like then you ! Itís hard to be kind when youíre in pain so I really feel for him - and you .

Thank you all so very much. We are very grateful and my husband wants you
to know that. We are hunkering down now for a snowstorm. Our storms are
always on weekends. I pray for yíall, thatís American for you all, God has given me the gift of languages donít ya know. 😂

All kidding aside, I love youí

And,,, my husband has been asking lots of questions about God and his plan,
sometimes he surprises me. This morning he said ď how you treat others is how you treat GodĒ. That my friends , coming from the mouth of my husband , is a miracle.
He has always been good to others but now he credits God instead of himself.
Thatís wonderful.

There ainít no atheists in foxholes!

Iím failing miserably. I am so angry watching my husband suffer.
The drugs they give for pain help for awhile but he has to go through
a washout period, ( withdrawal) before he can go back to his regular meds,
which are also an opiate. Heís trying to ween off and every time he does,
he gets this horrific sensation ,starts with tingling in the feet and goes up to the knees. Itís like restless legs syndrome magnified a thousand times.
He cryís and doesnít want to live. He also had sinus, ear, throat, and an eye infection.  The thing is, I know that all is of God , but how do I tell my husband
that . I know itís Godís will and he even said it himself but he doesnít understand,
not really. How can I say to a person who is suffering that this pain is for a good
reason and is temporary and will pass? It feels cold and unsympathetic to him for
me to say that , even though itís the truth. Please pray for us. We are frustrated
that this surgeon may have done nerve damage. My husband has ulcers also and
itís one pill after another with side effects listed like full documents, they are so long.
Yes , I am angry, not at God , but at a system that is so evil and a failing
healthcare system . The thing is I know in my heart of hearts that this is all in the plan of God and I still feel like a failure because of this angry beast within. I want
it dead but I know I am yet carnal. Sometimes itís overwhelming.Yet I keep praying
for Gods will to be done and sometimes Godís will makes me tremble. I just want to die.


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