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Please pray

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Php.4:13Ö.. I have strength for all things in Christ, the one strengthening me.

All praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus and to our Father in heaven.

Thank you for the scriptures Dave. My husband is doing better and together
we will indeed prevail, for it is Godís grace that heals.

In Christ, Pamela
God Bless You All

Has Gerald improved at all ? Praying things are better .

Thanks for asking Octoberose. Yes he is doing better, waiting to see
surgeon for a follow up and the next day to see our family doctor
because he is now deaf in one ear and we had to cancel an upper GI
because he has trouble swallowing so he needs that done also. Itís one thing after another. He also needs a knee replacement but heís wary now about that.

I am sick now also , either Covid or the flu, donít know the difference.
The coughing is so violent that Iíve pulled every muscle in my back.
Last night I listened to the audio of Ray teaching Isaiah 53 and how our
Lord took on our infirmities, how He was despised, and sickly and treated
so cruelly. All for us, all for us because He loved us. I am so humbled by this.
Thank you Lord 💕

How are you doing now? Is your back healed yet?

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing better  I'm praying you all feel better and the good Lord gives you  strength and comfort .
God bless wendy


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