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You Tube Video Using Ray's Cloned Voice

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I have twice watched bible-truths new short You Tube video "The Great Tribulation" in which Ray's cloned voice is "speaking" his actual written response to what I believe is one of his published emails. It was a tiny bit unsettling at first to "hear" him while knowing it was not really him, and yet it was very much like his voice. Nevertheless, I got over the shock very quickly and found it extremely uplifting to listen to. What a wonderful way to respectfully and (more important) with honest accuracy make use of a modern technology in God's service. I would not be surprised if this will be heard by more people than read in print, but it may also bring more people into the BT site.


I just watched it.  What a fantastic concept and very well done! Thanks for all your hard work Dennis!  I pray this blesses a lot of people!  Looking forward to more. 

Dennis Vogel:
I've been trying to get this to work for about five years. The best is when a person speaks Ray's words and then that gets cloned to Ray's voice. But that costs a LOT of money. I've been quoted $12k to $100k.

But I'm getting better at it. I just found another new tool which should help a lot when using voices other than Ray's voice.

I've tried cloning several samples of Ray's younger voice but none of them sounded like Ray. So far only his older voice sounds good. But I'll try some more samples this morning.

And I'll be 80 years old this July and the mind is not what it use to be :) And I cannot put in the hours like before. I have to take frequent breaks.

But I am very happy to have something new to do. There's enough work to last me many more years.

This is awesome Dennis, I just listened to praying by Godís rules.
Thank you Dennis, I am confident that Godís hands are all over this
giving you strength to continue.
I stumbled on a Joe Rogan last night on you tube. He had a physicist
on by the name Brian Cox. It was very interesting how he spoke about
the universe and how they now think it had a beginning, also he spoke
about a Stretching out and expanding universe. There were a few different
videos but this one in particular about the universe was good. There was
another guy on their who was talking about quantum mechanics and such.
Itís way over my head but I did recognize some things Ray spoke about.

I was thinking about how Ray once said that about him learning about quantum
physics and such and that maybe that is where we come in. I remember thinking
if only they could hear Ray speak about Genesis.  Godís will , will be done
in all things and you Dennis are greatly blessed. We love you brother.
May God continue to Bless Bible Truths in Jesus name . Amen

All Glory to God and Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Oh , I forgot to mention, I especially enjoyed the video of Brian Cox
explaining Dark,Matter and Dark Energy.


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