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Author Topic: What worldly secrets are you looking forward to uncovering once you're elect?  (Read 4137 times)

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Where do you live in the US?How is it there?How are the White folks? Racist or loving?Here in South Africa, white folks are racist,they think they are above US blacks? They even stole our land and oppress us. They don't even share when God blesses them, they are not generous.My only white friends are Gina(remember her?),Kat(remember her?), Ray, Blake(do you know him?), Jesse and You.There's also Moises my friend, and nshan. All you guys are in America.

Jesse & Nshan are so amazing,they sent me aid like 3 yrs back,a total stranger,they weren't even afraid or worried that I might be a scammer. Thanks to Them, i am in a better situation now and the sky is NO limit.

I have Schizophrenia though,been in and out of the mental hospital I don't know how many times, folks trying to kill me when I tell them my Schidzophrenia is a gift from my Father in Heaven, whom I call Larry Ray Smith. They think I am crazy,but I switch their negative message about me into a positive. Basically in the rap world,when they say you are crazy they mean you are smart, intelligent. So I take that message instead.

I have many other crowns, there's just too many to mention. I can speak to both the spirits of the dead and alive. It sounds crazy and unbelievable but TRUST Me...

I am!
=  =  =

Since you asked I will comply with a brief history of Indiana Bob...?
Born in a city near Gary, Indiana the hub of the Steel producing industry that employed a large percent of Black citizens with good paying jobs and stable homes in the late 1930 and 1940's during WW2. Attended elementary school in Oxford, Pennsylvania with about 10 percent black classmates, 1941 to 1948. We also had one black police officer Viscount Nelson,  among the six officers that served in our small town. Oxford is about 50 miles from the city of Philadelphia, PA.
Completed high school in 1953 in an all white community of Crown Point, Indiana and then was drafted into the military and served four years with mixed races, white, black, Chinese, Puerto Rican during the Korean War. We lived on an AF base, in open bay barrack with 20 bunks or cots to the bay and exposed to all the sounds a large group of men make. Only the lead non-commissioned officers had separate rooms for sleeping. Two NCO's with 40 soldiers on two floors of a wooden barrack without air conditioning and located in El Paso, Texas which was quite warm during summer.
However we did get along with one another because we had to.
Plus this was a military police company and we each carried or had access to M-1 rifles and Colt .45 pistols each day while on duty.
Any racial prejudice that existed was not tolerated by our commander.
Do your job and keep your opinions to yourself!
= = =
I have found that in most locations in the United States, where all the people have decent jobs and can own property and feel safe in their homes and jobs that they can get along quite well even with cultural differences. It helps if a person has a solid religious background and a loyal family to help during difficult times. It doesn't matter that their religion has error as long as the whole family agrees.  People need to be loved and have someone to care for in order to be successful in life.

Please comment if you have further questions,
Regards, Bob
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