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The amount of work that awaits us(elect) in the age to come is plenty. We are going to solve the problems of this world,unify something like billions upon billions of human beings from Adam's time. That is a lot of work and DIFFICULT,even if we will be immortal.

Do you'll think about such things?

Good day NA and welcome to the forum.

You make an interesting point about the coming age and all that will be accomplished through Christ Jesus.
I may point out that the work will be energized by us having the spirit of Christ in full measure and I understand that there will be a global new language among other improvements so that our ability to teach and encourage will be quite different than at the present time.

We look forward to hearing more from you and learning more of your personal journey of faith.

Warm regards, Indiana Bob age 87

Welcome NA.
Mark 10:27…. Jesus looked at them and said ,” with man this is impossible,
but with God , all things are possible.

I like to think about the resurrection of all the dead and every knee
bowing to our Lord. I can’t even imagine what a kingdom with no
end looks like but I know , we will know at its appointed time . I think
Ray taught about it being like a circle ⭕️. This is my understanding.

mike kyner:
I think once the vail is lifted folks will be much more receptive to Christ...Paul didn't hold out long

Yes NA, I do think about this often. Ray taught that no men or women were converted by Christ during His ministry, and they were not converted until His resurrection and their receiving the Holy Spirit. How many have truly been converted since that time? We of course do not know how many, but we know that it is relatively few compared to all that have lived.

I read that it is estimated that between 50 and 100 billion people have been born since Adam. I think about that number and the logistics of resurrecting that many people to live a life like we are doing now…subject to God’s “fire”, purifying our minds and thoughts and actions, and putting on the mind of Christ. All people born will have to also live some period of time and deal with overcoming this carnal mind. There will be no magic formula for them just as there is not for those God is calling and perfecting now.

Given the magnitude of this event (the resurrection to physical life again of all people) I have thought that the   “White Throne Judgement “ period could possibly last for thousands or tens of thousands of years. The Elect will be made kings, and priests and saviors, to work/Shepard all of the people. But can 100 billion people all be resurrected at one time to live a physical life together at the same time?  I just don’t see it happening that way. We don’t how many elect there will be, but we know it will be “few”. Revelation speaks of Christ returning with tens of thousands of His Saints. Is that the number? Even if there will be millions of Saints (but I don’t see that in scripture) that will still be a drop in the bucket compared to all that have ever lived.

Since Ray has shown how creation of the physical took billions of years, is it out of the realm of possibility that final creation of billions of spiritual sons and daughters of God would not take many years?  I could see people resurrected according to a set plan and time table. Living and overcoming and then being born into the Elohim family…and then the next planned group being resurrected to life. Doesn’t it say in scripture there is a time for everything (and for everybody)?

So yes it will be a lot of work. How humbling is it to think about being a part of the greatest project in the history of the universe?  Pretty humbling. May that “day” or yom come soon.


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