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 These are like the days of Noah, and weíre told that the last days are like the days leading to the flood. Itís the few and far between that care at all what is moral and right- what is Godly or Evil.  In the past, even when they used religion as a battering ram , they cared about the state of their souls.   They cared about what was right or wrong.    Now, itís quaint if  sex is between one man and one woman.  Itís superstitious to believe in the Creator and us as as His  Creation.  Itís not that homosexuality is new, itísí that it is now celebrated.  God started his covenant with us as men and women, and now society has decided that gender is up to us , not the God who made us.     And now thereís AI, and if thatís not going to end up into the Tower of Babel, I donít know what is. God will not let this stand and in His appointed time, He will stop it. I hope itís sooner, rather than later.

Luke 18: 8Ö.. ESVÖ. I tell you, He will give justice to them speedily.
Nevertheless , when the Son of man returns , will He find faith on the earth?

VOICEÖ.. Mark my words, God will intervene fast with vindication.
But hereís the question. When the Son of man comes , will He find anyone
who still has faith?

Ray said, ď very fewĒ


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