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What worldly secrets are you looking forward to uncovering once you're elect?

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There are many,but one story I find interesting is that of Tupac,the American musician who was gunned down I believe in 1996.

Would like to know who killed him and the series of events and the likes. There are rumors man faked his death and that he is still alive.

You have a lot of questions. Here is the answer to all of them.


Have you studied THE MYTH OF FREE WILL yet?

You're the best, Pamela, and you ain't lying.

I used to listen to Tupac a fair amount back in college, and I still listen to him occasionally, but now I only listen to one song – Changes. I still love that song because in it, he describes his life and the lives of those around him as being impacted negatively by the circumstances they were raised in. Tupac understands it's a terrible situation, so he pleads with his brothers and everyone else that we need to make some “changes” because we're all in the same boat. The song is sad at times, but hopeful.

The man was a lyrical genius and the words flowed so smoothly off his lips. And the rhythm, the beat and back up vocals of that song are so good in my opinion, not to mention the catchy chorus line. Assuming anyone here likes rap, Tupac was as good a rapper as you can find.

I never got too much into the “who killed Tupac” conspiracy theories, as I thought he was much more interesting alive (if he isn't still) despite all his highly publicized shortcomings. I look forward to meeting him one day and asking him about what he thinks about the positive changes God has made.

Ray hated rap music. I don't blame him, as it is just full of immorality including the language. It corrupts our spirits and minds.

As for Tupac,man was a troublemaker and a drug dealer. It also appears he was obsessed with Jesus being black🙄

I like rap though,the poetry,word plays and subliminal messaging - love it. In fact,I'm hoping to be a king of rap one day. I look forward to meeting Tupac as well and show(teach aswell) him how to really rap. Jcole, Kanye west, Wu Tang clan,Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and all of them,I look forward to teaching them how to rap.

There is some nice hip hop jazz,clean stuff that is not immoral on YouTube. Just instrumental, no lyrics, you'll love it. Check it out. "Hip Hop jazz instrumental"

Port,one day I will show you my room,and it is gonna blow you away.

God is using music as well, after all, who is the composer of the universe?
All that we obtained , we obtained from God. Not one thing have we obtained
by our own presumed freedom of will . Can we take credit for anything that we
have? Is our own Will independent of Gods will responsible for anything?

See 1Corth: 4:7

Remember it was God who taught the angels to sing.

So with that said , I am not a fan of rap music but that doesn’t take away from
What Gods purpose for it is.
However I do love music and have been listening to one in particular who has
amassed millions of followers. I do believe God has added another note to the scale
with this young man. Also it seems to me that even though expert vocal coaches
try to explain his ability to sing off the scale, they never say it’s a gift from God.
Why would they? His name is Dimash and the first song I heard was SOS. It’s very
beautiful indeed. However , he also sings in contrast. You can check him out if you want to hear something spectacular. Now to something totally different,  very
different. Check out a video HI REN. It’s a form of rap, and I think it’s brilliant.
Warning, it has a couple of swear words.Let me know what you think.


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