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…the love of many will grow cold – Mat 24:12

I have been thinking of this verse a lot lately, years in fact. So, I wanted to ask the forum members if you've ever thought of this verse, and if so, what does it mean to you? I guess it's only fair if I explain what it means to me first. I'm not trying to teach, just explaining in my own words how I understand the things I learned at bible-truths.com.

So to me, I think it means because “the many” believe in “free will” and because they do not obey God, it causes them to love less and less. This teaching and belief gets passed down year after year, and more and more believe and act on it.

I thought about how easy it was in the past to hate and blame someone if I thought they did wrong. It never occurred to me that they simply couldn't help it, and that I would have done the same thing in their situation. That doesn't mean I approve of whatever it was I thought they did wrong (assuming they did any wrong at all), but it does mean I can and should have more sympathy and mercy.

I know now that God created us with a heart that is too weak to resist sin (Jer 17:9), and not only that, but God also subjected His whole creation to failure (Rom_8:20). So blaming others has gotten a bit harder, knowing these truths.

The teaching and belief of “free will” is so damaging that it causes many to believe that not only are they their own “righteous” gods, but that they believe others are their own gods too, worthy of blame and hate. I think this in turn perpetuates the belief that everyone should be held responsible for their sins. I've seen this in myself, and occasionally still do. So, it's possible that I'm just projecting.

To be clear, I do believe everyone will be held accountable, but not responsible. I understand that there is a difference between being held responsible and being held accountable, not only by definition, but more importantly because of a spiritual principle. It's the principle that says all of humanity are subject to either the law of sin and death, or the law of Christ (Rom_8:2).

Please don't hesitate to add whatever comes to mind. I want to know if I'm understanding this verse and the ideas behind it that I've presented, correctly. Or maybe you have something to add that would help improve my understanding. Because to be totally honest, I'm uncertain if I understand it well enough, and it sounds important. However, if you think it's not relevant, or that I'm way off, please feel free to say that as well. I promise I won't blame you too much. ;) 

From The Myth Of Free Will PT C

Ray…. This is what I fear is the situation here. People think they want the truth, but
they can’t handle the truth. Very few indeed want the whole truth; the whole counsel
of God. And most of those who have heard it have been highly offended by it.
Often they killed the messengers who brought Gods message of Truth.
That’s just how offensive the truth of God is to the carnal mind .I have a drawer full of emails that speak volumes against God’s Truth.

But I know that there are a few chosen of God to whom the truth is not offensive.
For those few I will continue. As Joan Rivers would say, can we talk? Are your kids  in bed? Can we talk? The remainder of this series on free Will is not for the immature or faint of heart.

Can you handle the truth?

I agree with your post Porter.   Yesterday I was accused of being in a cult because
I said I believed in the resurrection of the dead and not reincarnation)

2Tim.3:12•••••All who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

Actually, reincarnation is scriptural if we accept Oxford's definition of the word:

"the rebirth of a soul in another body.
a new version of something from the past."

--- Quote from: Porter on April 25, 2023, 12:17:12 PM ---…the love of many will grow cold – Mat 24:12 

--- End quote ---

Three things: either one's love will grow cold or hot,or it will be lukewarm.

I think one needs to ask themselves a couple of questions SINCE coming into some truths:

Do I feed the hungry? Do I clothe the naked?Do I visit the sick? Do I share with the poor?Am I laying my life down for my family?

One guy I knew had a lot of zeal but no knowledge, but he soon came into the truth,gained the knowledge but sadly,lost the zeal. Now that is dangerous because Christ will probably reject such a soul. When he was in the dark,he had a lot of zeal to teach the Word and save people from hell but,when his eyes were opened he lost the zeal to teach,why?
I don't know why he lost the zeal,maybe you know.

But I'm thinking some of the dangers in knowing the truth is that,we tend to think we don't have to do anything. Why? We rest on "It is all of God" or "all will be saved" and the likes. Ofcause "all is of God" and "all will be saved,"but that shouldn't be an excuse NOT to work and add value into the team. Sadly,many do this.

There are many who know the truth but will be rejected by Christ. Many who have read Ray's material and be rejected by Christ,as their love did not IMPROVE - their love did not grow hot.

I think so too !  It’s easy though to think you have to work for your salvation, that you’re not good enough and God  is weighing you on a scale.  But, I know what you’re saying .  Sitting around and thinking you’re in the club and there’s no need to grow in the Spirit of God is just short sighted .  If we want to be more Christ like then I believe that starts now, not just after the resurrection .  “ Make your own attitude that of Christ Jesus. “ Philippians 2.    And , “ the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.  I john 2;6

Dennis Vogel:

--- Quote from: Mzantsi on April 25, 2023, 03:49:53 PM ---Actually, reincarnation is scriptural if we accept Oxford's definition of the word:

"the rebirth of a soul in another body.
a new version of something from the past."

--- End quote ---

Not true: https://youtu.be/cSZDvJrOxKw


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