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Rhys 🕊:
I had a good relationship with my neighbour. He took care of my lawn after my car accident when I lost my wife. He was a good friend and we often talked. He recently went through a relationship break up so was trying to encourage and been looking after his garden as he stopped doing many of the things he would normally do. It seemed he was becoming more distant despite any of my help. He told me he would just deal with anything when it comes along as his wife took him to court. He had one child that lived with him and the other child lived with his mom. I found out today that a few days ago he took his life. He knew what I have dealt with in losing my life so really disappointed he has done this. I wish I could of done more but I still struggle with the lose of my wife so is hard to be more helpful to others. I know God will make all well but for now this really sucks 😢


Aww, Rhys, there are no words I can think of to help ease the pain of your losses, and I say that to my shame. I'm just glad you are still “here” on the forum, and that is no small thing in my opinion, even if it is to anyone else.

So sorry to hear about your loss Rhys.  I can only imagine what you are going through.  I will keep you in my prayers.

Dave in Tenn:
God be with you, friend.  And with the family and loved ones of your neighbor.   

May God comfort you and give you strength to carry on Rhys. You're
in my prayers.💕


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