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Thank you Porter.

Thank you for your concern Bob.
These fires are unusual for Nova Scotia but they’re all over Canada now.
We hardly had any snow this winter and it’s been an unusually hot and dry spring.
The winds are stronger.
If we get evacuated we will get emergency alerts on TV and phone where to go.
I have our bags ready to grab if we do. I feel so bad for our firefighters. Most of the
firefighting here in NS is volunteer and we just sent about twenty of them to help
with the fires in Alberta before the fires started here. The news said our firefighters
are strained. 😢 Newfoundland has sent waterbombers and New Brunswick sent some
firefighters even though they are battling fires in their province also.

Our little province is so small. When I first came here I remarked to my husband
that it looked like a piece of broccoli because there are so many trees so close
together.  God Bless You All.


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