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Dave in Tenn:
Her decline has been accelerating the last few months.  The last few weeks have been like a downhill acceleration with the brakes failing.  The last few days have been like a crashing through the guardrails.  Hospice tells us it's a matter of days.  This isn't shocking, as I've been here and active in her situation for all of the above months and weeks.  But it is surprising just how quickly things have so thoroughly deteriorated.  This mortal MUST put on immortality, so I know the will of God by faith and ask you to pray it with me and for her.

I am praying with you Dave. This mortal must put on immortality.
Our God is great.
God Bless You .

In Christ, Pamela.

Our Father always loves it when we come to him in prayer.  I am praying with you Dave and for your mother.

Praying for you and your family Dave during this difficult life journey.  Hugs


Praying for you and your family.



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